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Friday, 22 August, 2008 at 13:06 2 comments

Heya Ev’one! Here’s some random stuff in Tylife.

Last night I finally finished the 70+ hr FES: Persona 3 for PS2. The ending was spectacular! (Actually took me around 140 hours… XD I need to play more quickly! I’m so lah-de-dah when I play games. No wonder I only make it through a few a year! D: ) I have the re-release of the game so I started on the 30+ hr “The Answer” saga, which is an extra adventure that happens 3 months after the end of the events from the main game. Seems cool so far, although more of the same. Hm.

Also, I conquered DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2!! OK ok, I know that’s “so 1996”, but C’mon! I didn’t have a SNES when I was a kid. Have pity for poor old me. :( God bless those who reformat and re-release old games on new systems (like GBA) for the benefit (and extra profits) of all! =D lol. Seriously though. The DKC games are amazing! I just ordered DKC3 from Amazon, along with Advanced Wars and Mario vs. Donkey Kong. (Yeah I know, I’m bad. :( But I have to reward myself for surviving two weeks of Army training! And besides, I’m running OUT of game to play. *g-a-s-p-!* O_O … )

Other than those, I’m working on both GBA Fire Emblems on HARD mode, as well as *finally* finishing Resident Evil 1 for PS1 (don’t laugh!). BTW, I’m seriously getting my but kicked (and omg the 1996-ish graphics still spook me. xD ). I’m printing out FAQS and maps tdy! >:D En garde! hehe!

In other NON-VG related news- My favorite song right now is YUI’s SUMMER SONG followed closely by H&MC’s HOT LIMIT and Kiri Kiri Summer (Sparkling). What a great month of music! ^_^ Also, and I’m sure you’ll all laugh at this, I’m really into Hyori’s Vol 3. lol. Oh well. Guess it can’t be helped. :/

Ok, well have a nice weekend ev’one! I’ll blog some more next week. ^_^

Ty Sylicus, over and out.


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  • 1. Darawr  |  Thursday, 28 August, 2008 at 3:29

    wow lots of gaming. :) After a long period of time my neck and fingers would hurt from playing that long. I hope you took some breaks! :D *rubs your back* Hey the only games I spent lots of hours ever were of course Final Fantasy sequels. Hmm.. I took a long time playing Kingdom Hearts I because I enjoyed the miniture adventures and leveling up. ^^ Persona 3 sounds like an interesting game. You always talk about it. ^^

  • 2. Ty_Sylicus  |  Thursday, 28 August, 2008 at 15:26

    Yeah, that’s b/c not only is Persona 3 an awesome JRPG, but it’s also VERY long. XD The main story took me around 120 hours to complete. ^^; Yeah, most of that is hours of leveling. @_@ The bosses and enemies in this game increase in power quite quickly, so level griding is necessary just to keep up. That’s really the *only* thing I didn’t like about the game, which isn’t too bad considering the battle system is fresh and works so well and the game has a cast of around eight characters.

    I’m actually considering doing a game plus. O.o (Well, it’s either that or Zelda for the Cube…)


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