Suikoden again

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It’s been many years since I’ve picked up my controller and entered the world of Suikoden fantasy. I first played Suikoden I just before entering high school. It was among the first RPG’s I had ever been through and was simply amazing in my mind. Suikoden wasn’t like Final Fantasy- and that’s a beautiful thing.

Suikoden, (pronounced: SWEE-ko-den), is like nothing else.

Suikoden logo

Suikoden (developed and published by Konami)

After finished Suikoden, I wanted to dive right into the sequel. Unfortunately for me, Suikoden II was a rarity among rarities- no joking. Apparently Suikoden I, being the unheard of title is was, didn’t sell millions in America. So, I figure, Konami must’ve decided to do a limited print release of Suikoden II Stateside. However, they didn’t anticipate TONS of crayz Suikoden fans to fall completely in love with the game and gabble up all the copies! :o

Suikoden I cover

Suikoden I cover

So I began looking for the game in EVERY store within the Miami County area around my hometown of Piqua, OH. LUCKY!!! I found a BRAND NEW copy hiding behind a shelf full of crappy old PS1 games in the bargain please-get-rid-of-us-sucky-PS1-games-b/c-PS2-is-around-now-and-nobody-ever-wanted-us section of FYE at the local Piqua Mall. YEPS!!! There is was in all it’s shiny plastic glory for just under $20. (Can’t rmr the exact price). This was about 2002, I think.

Ok, so now that I had my very own copy of the super rare Suikoden II, I learned about the File Transfer thing that the games do. If you collect all 108 Stars of Destiny in the first game, you can then load that final save file into the second game and unlock all kinds of storyline goodies. … :o How my! So I replayed the first game and successfully recruited them all. I than began playing II and fell deeply in love with the characters, the great battle system, and above all else- the engaging plot. Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish playing the game before I left for the Army in June of 03.

Suikoden II cover

Suikoden II cover

Here’s where the story gets real sad. After finishing nearly half a year of training, I was preparing to board a plan to South Korea. Now, my bags just so happened to be well, 20 lbs over weight. I offered to pay extra but the airline person just wouldn’t budge. This was 2 in the damn morning for crying out loud! I got frustrated, then began to plead and argue while raising my voice (you know how I get ^^; ). To no avail though. I was forced to place 20 lbs of my stuff into my roommates bags (since he was under).

Foolishly, I chose my thick, big, heavy, metal, PS games case. It was full to the brim with EVERY PS and PS2 game I’ve EVER own since the BEGINNING OF TIME. Yes folks, I willingly gave up something that precious. I’ll tell you something right now, I’ll NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER do that again! As you’re already assuming, my roommate never gave the case back to me. Even after I took this problem up to the high levels in my Chain of Command, there was nothing anyone could do b/c he “didn’t have it”, even after they searched his room. His gave me serveral stories including one about his roommate getting drunk and spilling beer all over my case (which was airtight metal ppl!) and ruining it. YEAH WTF EVER YOU CHEAP BASTARD!!! >>>>____<<<<

So anyways, I thought I could just buy another copy. The problem is that it’s been years and years, and I haven’t been able to win a single auction on eBay, which is the only place I’ve found the game. It’s usually over $100 or even $200 but, that is a price I’m FULLY willing to pay. I REALLY want the game. I LOVED Suikoden II and it was TAKEN from me. Shred a tear for me today will ya? T_T

Suikoden III cover

Suikoden III cover

All that backstory brings us to the present. I bought a copy of Suikoden III (It was released in 2002, with a manga version published in 2004.) years ago but wanted to wait playing it until I got a copy of Suikoden II so I could get the 108 Stars and do the game save file transfer. Well, I said “forget it!”. It’s been over SIX years since that day and I’ve yet to get my hands on a copy of II. Since then Konami has released Suikoden IV, Tactics, and V for PS2. So I woke one day last week and thought, it’s time.

Suikoden III is a beautiful game. It has everything I love about the Suikoden serious and universe. It’s equally fun and addictive (I know b/c I’ve been playing nearly non-stop all week! lol).

Here’s some basic info about Suikoden III:
There are three main characters in this one, which I find very interesting.
Hugo is the son of Lucia, the chief of the Karaya Clan.
Chris Lightfellow is the Acting Captain of the Zexen Knights (and she’s a woman).
Geddoe is the reserved and enigmatic leader of the Twelfth Harmonian Southern Fringe Defense Force Unit, a band of mercenaries under the employ of Harmonia.

Suikoden III is set in IS 475, roughly 16 in-game years after the events of Suikoden II. The game takes place in the diverse Grasslands region, an area to the northwest of Dunan from Suikoden II (which itself was to the north of the Toran area from Suikoden).

Here’s some info about the series and the 27 True Runes:
The Suikoden series is loosely based on a classical Chinese novel, Shui Hu Zhuan by Shi Naian and Luo Guanzhong.
Each game centers around relative themes of politics, corruption, revolution, mystical crystals known as True Runes, and the “108 Stars of Destiny” — 108 protagonists also very loosely interpreted from the source material.

Quote of the 27 True Runes:

In the beginning, there was “darkness.”
Then, the “darkness” shed a “tear.”
From that “tear,” the brothers Sword and Shield were born.
Shield claimed it could defend against any attack.
Sword claimed it could slice through anything.
The brothers began a legendary battle.
At the end, both Sword and Shield shattered.
Sword became the sky, Shield became the earth, and the sparks from the battle became the stars.
As for the jewels, they fell to the ground and became the True Runes-

The runes that all other runes were born from.


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