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Tuesday, 23 September, 2008 at 16:57 3 comments

A few (or so) years back, the grand Mint of the U.S. decided to begin releasing special Quarters featuring artwork to represent each State. ONE Quarter would be made for each State and they would be released at a rate of 5 coins per year, in the order that the States originally joined the country (established their Statehood). This was 1999.

It’s now 2008- the LAST year for these Quarters. I’m proud to say that my collection is up to date. I just got my hand on Arizona this weekend, so that leaves only Alaska and Hawaii to be added. Yes! Almost done!

Anyone else been collecting these?

In music news. I’m currently experiencing melody.‘s discography (thx to Viet!). So far, it’s been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs. I’m all that surprised about her previous works, though they greatly differ from her most recent 4th Album- Lei Aloha– which made me purr like a kitten feed warm milk. … o.o Let’s just say it was an *amazing* album!

My next discography excursion shall be Otsuka Ai. =D

In more exciting news- I ADDED A NEW PAGE! Please visit this blog’s new page- POETRY. It’s full of interesting (and not so interesting) poems and songs that will make you smile, frown, and even laugh. So go go!


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  • 1. vagoo  |  Tuesday, 23 September, 2008 at 19:21

    You better get the Alaska one, or Dara will be on you :)

  • 2. Darawr  |  Wednesday, 24 September, 2008 at 1:37

    He will have the Alaska one as soon as I send his box. lol I have a bunch of the Alaskan ones. Do you want one too Jimmy Jammer? :P Oh congrats on finding the Arizona one babe!! *Dances ontop of you* XD hahaha… I thought you were looking of Nebraska or North Dakota. ^^ I was soooo off! OOPS! :) You gotta love my crazinessssssssssssssss huh? ^^

    Melody. makes honey purr like a kitten getting feed with milk? :O Oh my! lol okay that is something… You know before Yuna Ito, I had no idea there were other Japanese Hawaiian singers besides Ito. :3 Which reminds me that there are so many Hawaii Japanese people in AK @_@.

    XD I don’t know what I’m saying here. YAY! I’ll be looking forward to reading your poems on here and blushing like crazy. :D ~HONEY HONEY..NA NA NANANA.. OH HONEY HONEY~ xD HAHAHA… OMG IM SOOO HYPER @_____@ *stabs honey with a spork* XD *gives him kissie and rumps* Xo I LOVE YOU YOU YOU!

  • 3. Ty_Sylicus  |  Wednesday, 24 September, 2008 at 13:00

    …. O.o … wow…


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