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Wednesday, 15 October, 2008 at 13:30 2 comments

Ok, I must confess… I STILL LOVE GAMES!!!
Yes, this is very much true. Games have always been there on lonely nights to tuck me in… o.o… ^^;

*clears throat* What I mean to say, is that games still excite and amaze me; they still tease and titillate me; shock and pull at the strings of my heart. Basically, I haven’t outgrown them yet (to my mom despise).

So it’s no surprise that lately I’ve been starting up a few new games and keeping my eyes focused on the future of gaming (at least for the old systems that I own and play… -_- )

Ok, so the day before yesterday I dug out Gran Turismo 4 and had a few hours of fun. This put me in the mood for more racing, so I tossed in Flatout and killed the game in a little under a day (I finished early the next morning after 7 hrs of sleep). Flatout 2 has been out for years, so I’m going to see if I can pick it up for cheap on Amazon. After that I put in Maximo vs. The Army of Zin (a FANTASTIC game).

I’m still playing it today and I’m SO excited. The game doesn’t seem to have aged much at all. The graphics, music, controls, artistic direction, levelscapes and gameplay and still tight and interesting. I’m LOVING it! lol Maximo vs. Zin is among my *most* favorite games for the PS2.
What’s on the horizon? Well, how about LocoRoco 2 for starters! Yeah, like OMG!!! (and shame on me for not getting the first one yet, though I’ve played the demo numerous times; I’ll pick this one up soon… I hope). Check out this crazy-sweet preview and see what I’m so psyched about!

Also, the creator that brought us Katmari Damacy, comes a new game- Noby Noby Boy (Nobi Nobi Boy). The game looks…well um…odd. Yeps. Check out an oddly odd preview here.
In other news- The Price is Right has released their own video game for Nintendo Wii and DS. I think I’ll pick up a copy to play with mom. :)

Oh, and I’m stuck on Viewtiful Joe 2… I’ll have to go to GameFAQS tdy. ^^;

As for the GameFAQS Character Battle VII- I’m doing as good as I usually do- which isn’t that good at all. 68 pts.

EDIT: I feel guilty but, I picked up Advanced Wars 2 and Flatout 2 (b/c LocoRoco is still expensive) and charged them to my C.card. Yay for debt. >.<


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  • 1. Darawr  |  Sunday, 19 October, 2008 at 2:28

    I love Gran Turismo. I still love the first two installments when they came out. Before I ever bought a car, I always picture myself settling down to get a sports car and driving fast like Gran Turismo. haha how did I settle for the SUV? I guess I settled for safe than for looks and speed huh? Gosh Katamari! I wanna play that again. It was fun playing it with you. lol I still remember when you laughed at me for being “lost” at the game. lol I’m not that great with games compared to you. You’ll have to teach me how to like and play games again babe. :D It’s fun to play together especially. Don’t you think?

  • 2. Ty_Sylicus  |  Tuesday, 21 October, 2008 at 15:50

    :”> Yeps! Playing together is the best. =D


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