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Wednesday, 22 October, 2008 at 14:40 2 comments

Why does life tend to suck so much without a personal computer? HMM?! *sigh*

Recently, my awesome girlfriend gave me her old iPod. It’s VERY nice. BUT, I have to sync the thing to damn iTunes to add any new files! Soooo….There is only one computer I have access to at this time- the laptop at the local public library. Unfortunately, getting my music onto the iPod is much easier fathomed that done. Maybe a little back story with help.

Each month a collect several singles and albums of new music. I save all the files to my handy dandy thumb drive (2GB) and my backup thumb drive (1GB). When they fill up, I empty the music files on CD’s (700MB). I date them and name them “RUIDO bup”. By doing this, I can access any music files I’ve collected.

About once a year, starting about three years ago, I would take a day to sit down and transfer ALL the music files from the bup CD’s to new DVD’s. The DVD’s hold a lot more (4.4GB; over 6 CD’s). I would name these new discs “MusicTY”, date them, and throw away all the old CD’s. Accesses these new DVD’s saves time and storage space.

OK, so that brings us to HERE and NOW. July 07 was the last time I made MusicTY DVD’s, so I have over a year’s worth of new music CD’s. The laptop here has PLENTY of free space, so my plan was to UL all the new music CD’s, plus all the MusicTY discs for the past years, and move all those music files onto the iPod (it’s 80GB btw). Surely, it would fit considering I don’t even have that much. Also, if you don’t know- iPod’s get “married” with the iTunes you sync them with. Therefore I’ll only get ONE shot at tossing music files onto the iPod. -_-

That’s when I encountered a problem with the laptop. It’s the strangest error! I’ll be uploading files from the CD’s to the “My Documents” folder and it will suddenly stop. A pop-up window will appear warning me that the “file could not be saved b/c this drive is write-protected” or something like that, and from that point on I can no longer copy ANYTHING to the C-drive of this computer.

Also, when I tried to burn those files to a DVD, it FAILED. Windows kept popping up errors in the bottom right saying “such and such couldn’t be saved. Please try saving this file somewhere else”. There appear to be Windows OS files, as I don’t understand the names like “m$s” and crap. Also, most of them are being saved in a folder called “Temp”, which after doing a search I couldn’t find to empty it. @_@

So what’s to do? Well, to clear the error I can restart the laptop. Sadly enough for me though, it’s set up to DELETE ALL data and reset itself (much like the computers at my old college). Then I have to get a librarian to log me back in. Of course, all the files I uploaded to the C-drive are erased now.

GGRRRRGG! What is a guy to do?! Just last night, I thought “if only I could use another computer…” I don’t know anyone who owns one, other than two friends of mine I see once a month at drill. I wonder if they would let me use their computer for a few hours to UL all the CD’s, DVD’s, install iTunes, sync the iPod, and put all the new music on it?

Ok, I know you might not have read all that but, I feel a LOT better getting it all down somewhere. I’m sure I’ll whine to my girlfriend later, but I’ll wait since she’s feeling sick. :( Get better soon babe!


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  • 1. Darawr  |  Wednesday, 22 October, 2008 at 17:35

    Sadly I almost died yesterday. I swear I’m really hard to kill. lol OMG the stomach flu was bad. My mom think I got food poisioning which I probably did, either that or food allegries. I went to work and started getting red blotchies. I was burning up and got chills and then I started throwing up like crazy. :/ I got diaherra afterwards. People at work kept handing me water and medicine and nothing work. After a few hours I had to be sent home. :/ I didn’t want to go home really since I know I’ll be losing hours from work and money. So what the hell. I was feeling really bummed and sick. When I got home I was paled and puked and really cold. My mom came home in time and nursed me all night. Today I slept until noon, so I feel a lot better. I’m sure it’s a mix of exhaustion and food I ate. Good thing my mom was home last night cause I was really weak to even take care of myself T_T.

    Sorry to hear about the ipod. I kinda told you before you would get it that this would happen. For everytime you sync the ipod to a computer(which ever computer you use) it’ll start out a new file sync. Apple is pretty complicated making it hard for users to not keep the same music, but make you sync from the start. So it’s good that you always back up your music. Maybe you should just wait to use your friend’s computer. If the library’s computer is being difficult maybe it’s just best to sync it all at once with a friend’s comp. Other than that I don’t know how to help you. :/ Make sure to read the ipod 80 GB instruction on-line. They might have more tips on syncing. Love you!

  • 2. Ty_Sylicus  |  Wednesday, 22 October, 2008 at 17:43

    omg that’s horrible babe! :O I’m so glad you’re ok now! *HUGS*

    It’s not the syncing thing that’s the problem babe. I can DL, install, and sync to iTunes in three mins flat. But what’s the use when I have no MUSIC FILES to put on the iPod? I have to put them on a computer first; and sadly, this laptop just won’t let me do that. >.< *curses at it*

    I’ll talk to my friends Silver and Fries to see if they can help me when I see them at Drill next month.

    P.S. Thx for reading all that rant. You’re so sweet! Now I don’t have to whine on the phone later. XD


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