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Ok, this blog is very random and very short. You’ve been warned.

Been watching LOST on DVD thanks to my girl Dara. I’m about half way through and the show is really heating up. =D Quite the exciting show! All the characters are interesting and you never really know who is who and what they are thinking or how they will react. Suspense baby!

Been playing Advance Wars 2 for GBA on my DS. Love it! This is the second game in the series and it’s a dramatic improvement upon the first. The design, gameplay, storyline, and characters have all been added upon. It’s like adding jelly to a peanut butter sandwich! \o/ I just finished the story mode for the first time (it’s over 30 missions long!). Now I’m playing through it again to obtain the highest rank, “S”. Doing so will unlock the final hidden CO (character), the villainous boss of the Black Hole Forces- Sturm! DUM DUM DUMMMMMM. *lighting flashes and thunder roars* … yay! Also, I have to go through the lengthly War Room mode, which is a bunch of maps vs. various CO’s where the player can use any CO they’ve unlocked. Yeah baby!

On the music side of things, I only have about a gig left of space on my PSP. Gotta jam some old HandMC, BoA, Namie, Ayu, etc. OMG I’m going to have to make cuts! @_@

Still sad the lead singer of HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR left the band. Rumor has it they are looking for a replacement now. Let’s hope they find a gal with at least half the talent and awesomeness of Maki! :o

New releases:
YUI – MY SHORT STORIES (album) – It’s a collection alb from my beloved YUI; enough said
HandMC – BEEEEEEST! (a fan-picked best album, including Asides, Bsides, and album tracks, and a DVD)
Yumiko Shizukusa – Go Your Own Way (single); THE PAINTED SOUL (album) After over two years since her last album, I’m VERY excited about this new one! OMG it’s Yumi-rific!!!
BoA – Eat You Up (single) – should be out in the States and Japan soon! The CD man!
Suzuki Ami – SUPREME SHOW (single) – been hooked on Ami lately and it’s no wonder why- the girl’s a super bad-ass! Also, her music is infectious and so danceable!

I dunno if any of you remember SNoW. She was a singer around a year ago with a handful of singles and one album. According to Wiki.thePPN, her contract ended and she decided to take some time off. Then, she recently reappeared as “Yukie”. So far I’ve been able to track down three songs that feature her. I really miss her music, and I wish she would do some more solo work.

PS. Make sure you wish BoA a happy birthday! She’s 23 (in Korean years) this year! Yay BoA!

OK, so it’s not short. Whatever! :P


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