My Life’s in recession, so piss off

Thursday, 4 December, 2008 at 17:07 4 comments

<rant title=”bills suck”> Okay, not to sound too depressed or stressed the **** out but, times are super tough right now. Even with a job I can’t manage to pay all my bills on time. I’ve made huge cuts in my finances and yet still I’m falling short and what’s worse is that late charges only add insult to injury. Gosh, wish I was enjoying life like some people I know and love. Ch- for that matter I wish I HAD a life to enjoy! I feel as if every fiber of my being is slowing rotting away while I’m stranded living here. Not only am I not making any progress to forward my life, career, or relationships, but I’m just barely able to sustain financial buoyancy. ****!!!</rant>

In other news- the job’s going great. I’m no “super pizza slinger” yet, but don’t dare call me a “Jr. Cook” anymore. Working at Pizza Hut is both fun, and challenging. Also, I’m getting along with my co-workers well (Which is much more than I can say for my NG work… x_x ). As long as I keep improving my speed, skill, and knowledge-base, I should keep getting better hours. This week, I worked 5 DAYS for the first time after working only two 4-6 hr Thursday and Sundays for over a month and a half. @_@

My puppy MUDO is doing well. Thx to the detailed puppy info from Dara’s friend, and puppy expert Louann, I think mom and I might rethink our training and discipline decisions. Right now he’s quite aggressive with biting, growling, and chewing. Also, he’s going potty all over the house and continues to wake us up all hours of the night.

Hmm…. Good news? Well, the best news of the year is the holidays of course, but even better than that is the fact that I’ll get to see, touch, and fell the warmth of the most important person in the world in just under 24 days. Hopefully I can get off NG duty in Jan. too… I don’t really care what I get for Christmas as long as Dara makes it here and back home SAFELY. Poor girl is paying a damn fortune just to see my dumbass and I cannot deny the blame that rest in my hands; the heavy feeling of regret that stains my drowning heart… I’m so pissed off right now. >.<

In less interesting news, I picked up a copy of Rockstar’s BULLY game for PS2 at walmart on black friday. It’s really fun. Got some cool $2 DVD movies too. Also, been rewatching K-Drama “My Lovely Sam Soon” after seeing it for the first time with Dara over 2 years ago. I love Sam Soon. Gosh, maybe I should’ve been a Pastry Chef haha. or not.

gosh, what else? I know I’ve been absent a while lately, not to anyone’snotice I bet. :P Been working a lot  during the week and it’s been kinda could to go out early. Also, been feeling a bit under the weather too.

Been collecting the US Presidental Gold $1 coins. They’re pretty cool. A super thanks to the librarian for giving me a John Adams! Also, still looking for that damn elusive Hawaii Quarter. Where are you!?

Music wise, I got my hands on HIGH and MIGHTY COLORS’ BEEEEEEST album, YUI’s MY SHORT STORIES, BoA’s first K-alb ID: Peace B., and Yumiko Shizukusa’s new single GO YOUR OWN WAY. I couldn’t resist the desire to have these albums that I’ve been collecting for years, so I’ve been bad by charging them to my credit card. >.< The way things are going lately though, I’m going to have to stop and just do without while crying myself to sleep at night.

New music? Well, somehow Koyote snuck into the studio and record a single song for digital release; haven’t heard it yet though. Also, haven’t heard Suzuki Ami’s SUPREME SHOW, or Disturbed’s 4th album, or Maroon 5’s 2nd album, or alan’s new single or…. yeah S U C K. Koda’s releasing a new album too, Trick. Sounds dirty…

Well, got Guard this weekend, and the most important yearly PT test- if I don’t pass it I’ll be even more screwed for my bonus than I am now, which is pretty shitty. I’ll pass, so don’t worry- but pray for me ok? Yeah, to whatever God you believe in. Also, boring as hell Christmas party. YAY. erm…

Please don’t bother to comment and try to console me with your advice. I’ll be alright as soon as- fuck knows when.

I’m sure someday in the future I’ll be able to look back and laugh at this bullshit- or cry.

My Life’s in recession, so piss off


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  • 1. Blu Mouse  |  Friday, 5 December, 2008 at 12:19

    You know what Ty? I fucking feel for you so much. (I’m drunk right now too). *hugs* In a way I feel the exact same way, When I first got back from traveling it took me 2 weeks to find a job and I had bills piling up. When I did find a job, it was only 4 hours a day, 5 days a week in my old job. A month and a half later, now I’m working 7.5 hours a week, I’m not able to further myself in anyway and I’m butting heads with all the new staff who have joined the “team” since I left…. and my best friends are leaving :(

    I’m glad to hear that you and Dara will be reunited for Christmas, think of it this way, at least you have something to look forward to in life, a guiding light etc etc. I havent heard from Dara in a while either, I really miss you guys.

    I still want pics of MUDO! I think the correct japanese for dark would be Yami wouldn’t it? I’ve just turned off on asian culture atm. the only thing in my playlist is Cant Stop The DISCO xD. Maroon 5’s second album? That came out a while ago 0.o, the remix album just came out though…..

    And good luck for your personal training test Ty, I hope that goes well for you and if I made prayers I would pray for you, but I don’t :(, so wouldn’t know how xD.

    Good luck, Blu Mouse ^^

  • 2. Pandarawr  |  Friday, 5 December, 2008 at 18:53

    oiii!! Adam chan! :) Dara’s been a prisoner of work.LOL trust me I know exactly how you feel Adam. I don’t have a day off or normal life anymore. Sadly had to quit a semester of school cause my bills were too important to neglect so I have my savings saved up and when I get enough I can finish school. Trust me it sucks. I feel sad because I feel like I’m wasting my days working (eventhough it gives me good money), I miss school and miss doing homework and studying. People at my work pitty me. Yeah well all of our lives are different. There are meant to be some down falls. Just don’t give up. As for
    The trip to see Ty, I wasn’t planning to go but Ty’s mom really want me to be there for Xmas. Ty told me to not waste money on traveling to see him anymore but I can’t
    Resist because I surely miss him to. I get furious and confuse when some of my best friends have stupid little fights with their man yet when I see them I see how childish they are wasting away little dumb arguements. I forgot what point I’m making here but don’t take advantage of anything that is close to you.

    Well another thing is that I asked for an early
    Bonus to get a ticket. :/ it was expensive,buts it’s okay. Money comes and goes. Don’t let it bring you down or control your life. I’ve gone through so much shit of it. We all been a slave to money. That is part of life.

    I’m just looking forward to seeing him. I dearly miss him and I know these past few months has not been great as we planned. I hope things goes better as planned. Anywho,nice see you on Ty’s blog Adam. I’m a workaholic so hvent had much computer time like some people. I have a slow Internet now. That explains it being 9.00 a month.haha..takes forever to reply. Yeah anywho will talk later.

  • 3. Pandarawr  |  Friday, 5 December, 2008 at 19:23

    p.s. Babe I guess there’s a lot we have to talk about and rethink when I go down there. I don’t really want you guys to lavish mr so much with gifts. I know it’s been hard for all of us. I’ll try to keep it easy this year too. Well haven’t told my parents I’m going to see you but others know. I’ll tell them next week. My mom doesn’t have to be sad that I’m leaving on Christmas. Everyone gotta have to share anywho I miss the holidays at my place with my friends and family so I’ll try to make the best of it:). I love you! Please be strong. Can’t wait to see you. 3 weeks!! :D

  • 4. Ty_Sylicus  |  Tuesday, 9 December, 2008 at 16:53

    ^^; yeah, gomen for the sissy “my life’s a sucking” rant. I guess we all have our weak times.

    Adam-kun! It’s great to hear from you man! *TACKLES AND HUGS* It’s been so long since I’ve had a normal life too. Just like Dara is saying, I don’t have much computer time either between the hours posted at the library, ppl needing to use the laptop while I’m there, and having to be away at work during the week.

    It’s sad when you can work 4-5 days a week and still not pay bills on time. I’m currently late on my Credit Card, and delinquent on my first month’s loan payment. >.< Yeah, I wonder if I’ll ever have good credit again. T_T

    On a brighter note, it’s good to know that I can always rely on good friends like, you Adam, plus Dara and Mikerz among others. Although I know it’s mostly my fault that we’re all so distant. I know fair well how I am and it’s not so much that I push ppl away as much as it’s just me pulling myself aways from ppl. Perhaps I’ll always be cursed to live in recluse. Even when we don’t talk, I still think and miss my friends- those who once left an impression upon my heart. Those who listened and those who talked…

    Glad you’re into Suzuki Ami a little Adam. She’s really great! =D It’s like Koyote- makes me wanna Dansu Dansu! lol

    Yeah, MUDO doesn’t mean dark at all. Guess that’s what I get for playing a video game and then jumping to conclusions. I love the name though, so it’s staying! Mom and I spent an entire night debating it over beer. hahahaha!

    Stay together and let’s stay together. Even when times are rough, and they usually are, at least we always have each other right? I wish to always have you by my side Adam. I never want to lose my friends. :(


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