Tuesday, 9 December, 2008 at 17:33 3 comments

OKAY Minna-san! I finally uploaded the new pics of my little 8 week-old puppy- MUDO. So enjoy! ^_^ (It’s pronounced “moo – doe”)

MUDO's first

MUDO's first pic - 6 weeks-old

It’s been a little over two weeks since the night my mom brought this puppy home on a whim. Since then, we’ve been doing our best to train, and housebreak him. He’s quite energetic, and sometimes aggressive with growling, barking, and biting.

Poor thing’s mother died when he and his two sisters where only 3 weeks old. This left their owners to bottle raise them for 3 more weeks before giving the boy away to my mom and I, and the two girls to our neighbors next door. Yay for visitations! We nor the owners know anything of the father that knocked up their Terrier mom, but by the looks of the puppies we can guess he may have been part Rottweiler. (Both of these breeds are a hand-full huh? :-\ )

To see more pics of this little (terrorizing) bundle of joy, including a rare photo of yours truly, please visit my flickr page (view the box link at the bottom right of this page).

P.S. Hmm… What could MUDO be an acronym for?… My Unusual Dog Orphan? haha, ok maybe not. Well I’d say he’s a lucky pup… he could’ve been named Maverick, or Mochi. :P


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  • 1. Pandarawr  |  Tuesday, 9 December, 2008 at 18:28

    Mudo looks like Chandra’s dogs.they look exactly like Mudo when they were puppies.:0 they are so huge now.are you sure he isn’t going to get big as the size of you? Butch and Homer are like 6 feet long and over 100 pounds..gosh

    Well funny thing I should tell you. Louann wants to buy Mudo from you if you and mom decides one day you don’t want him. I
    Told her no and she kept asking. Crazy friend I have.She really loves dogs so she’s really obsessed with Mudo. Sorry just had to tell you that. Believe me Mudo looks like he’s gonna be big. I should show you a picture of Chandra’s dogs.

    Anywho, can’t wait to see the puppy!!

  • 2. Blu Mouse  |  Wednesday, 10 December, 2008 at 5:07

    He’s really cute, I love it :D

    About Ami – I’ve loved Ami since I heard her song Delightful(her AVEX comeback), she was apparently really popular(Ayu level popular) back in the day. I like All Night Long, Delightful, Eventful, Alright!, Hopeful, Fantastic and Can’t Stop The Disco.

    And also don’t blame yourself for us being distant. Its just life, I close YIM as soon as it opens now don’t even bother logging in so your not just the problem xD

    Just flicking through your flickr atm, whos is that pacifier I see :O

    Its good to hear from you again bro.

  • 3. Ty_Sylicus  |  Thursday, 11 December, 2008 at 18:36

    @ Dara-O.O Well um, I sure hope he doesn’t get that big! … ^^;

    Did she really say she wants to “BUY” him?! :O that crayz girl!

    Yeah, hopefully he won’t bites you too hard. :P

    @ Adam- Thx! ^_^ He is kawaii!

    Wow. My first song was her a-nation performance of “FREE FREE”, and I haven’t went back before that yet. I love “ONE”, “can’t stop the DISCO”, “token of love”, and the rmx of “SUPER MUSIC MAKER”. The new alb sounds pretty good! I hope you get a chance to spin it!

    We gave the paci’s to the doggy. hehe.

    Miss you too friend. *HUGS* ^)____(^


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