Artist Spotlight Log 2 – MONKEY MAJIK

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MONKEY MAJIK is a band composed of two Canadian brothers, Maynard and Blaise Plant, who both perform vocals and guitar, along with drummer tax (Takuya Kikuchi), and bassist DICK. The band is sometimes referred to as a “hybrid-band”, as half of the members are foreigners and the lyrics are sung in both English and Japanese.

The band is managed by Edward Limited and are signed to binyl records, an avex subsidiary. Their live recordings are handled by Under Horse Records, a record company the band was signed on to before their major label debut.

Monkey Majik is still based in Sendai, located roughly 350km from Tokyo, contrary to the majority of successful singers and bands in Japan which often move to Tokyo after mainstream success.

Discography (major label)

A l b u m s

  • [06.05.24] thank you
  • [07.07.25] Sora wa Maru de 空はまるで
  • [08.09.03] TIME

S i n g l e s

  • [06.01.18] fly
  • [06.02.22] Around The World
  • [06.10.04] Futari フタリ
  • [07.02.07] Picture Perfect (with m-flo)
  • [07.03.14] Sotsugyō, sohite mirai e 卒業、そして未来へ。 (with SEAMO)
  • [07.04.25] Change (with Yoshida Brothers)
  • [07.06.27] MONKEY MAJIK X MONKEY MAGIC (Cover of Godiego song)
  • [08.04.23] Together/Akari あかり/Fall Back
  • [08.06.25] Aitakute あいたくて/MORNING-EVENING/goin’ places
  • [08.08.27] Tada, arigatō ただ、ありがとう

Watch PV’s!

Visit the MONKEY MAJIK official site Here
Read more on Wikipedia Here


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