Nothing like cold Beer, killer Dolls, and Yakuza!

Friday, 23 January, 2009 at 18:15 2 comments

So, I had an NG friend in Jacksonville who recommended a give this beer a try. It’s call STEEL RESERVE and come in a 24 can for a reasonable price of about $1.50 usd (after tax). The beer is brewed extra long for a smoother flavor (s0 the can says), and contains 8.1% alcohol content per volume (so 16.2 proof? lol). Anyways, it’s actually quite good! I bought two and by the time I finished the second can I was feeling well-off drunk. XD So much so that I’ll only drink one can and then something less strong in the future. XD It’s STEEL RESERVE! Go get some! lol

Ok, for Christmas my mom bought me the Chucky “Killer DVD” box set which contains films 2-5 in the series of Child’s Play. Although I’m not a fan of horror films (save for the occasional Stephen King, oddly enough), I’m willy to watch these because they are a gift from me mum. :/ So, I ordered the first Child’s Playand am waiting for it to get here. Once it does, it looks like movie marathon time! Besides, I’m almost done with I Really, Really Like You

And Yakuza? Well it’s a PS2 game crafted by SEGA. Release date: 2005. The game it like a mix of action/exploration and brawling. The story is quite cool to follow the there are challenging boss fights (so much so that I’ve actually LOST a fight several times! :D ). I’m enjoying this one. ^_^

Also, I finally got off my butt (on back on it?) and finished Monkey Ball’s story mode. Yatta! Now after Yakuza I’ll go back to playing Techu (which is what I was doing before Yakuza came along…).


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missing YOU Not as easy as I thought

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  • 1. Darangel  |  Wednesday, 28 January, 2009 at 19:08

    Hehehe… Sounds good enough. I still can’t get the fact of you convincing me to buy Coronitas!! Grr…honey :3 hehe*kissie*

    Yakuza looks cool. I remember watching you playing it. The storyplay looks fun and entertaining. :)

    Monkeyball is so cute,fun, and addicting!! Haha I’m so bad at it though. You kick my but all the time. I think the only game I beat you on was Golf. Remember when we played tennis and it took forever for us to win the match? Hahaha.. I love falling into the water and hearing you call me,”droka an dork” all the time. I’m so badat that game.LOL

  • 2. Ty_Sylicus  |  Thursday, 29 January, 2009 at 17:09

    Hahaha! Yeah, honey just doesn’t have those finally-tuned “Gamer” skilz from years of playing. :P

    It’s great to find games we can both enjoy and have lots of fun together with. Just another reason to get a Wii someday. =D


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