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Wednesday, 4 March, 2009 at 16:03 2 comments

Ok, so I sucked away about 3 hrs of my life today just totally STUCK to the Jpopmusic forums. I went throught the “other artists” forum and dove into every single thread about any artists I know. XD Here’s what I found:

Rewatched all the alan PV’s today. Ah, ^_^ And I still get teary with “Hitotsu”, and the PV for “RED CLIFF” is so beautiful. <3
Here’s her lastest: Gunjou no Tani
In the beginning you can see a rare moment- alan playing the erhu!

New YUI single: “I do it” 4.22
Haven’t heard it o seen the covers yet but, OMG FRAPPIN’ YUI IS COMING BACK FROM HER BREAK AND I’M GOING TO DIE!!! @_______________@

New Namie single: “WILD/Dr.”
The PV is super cool- taking place in outer space with Namie and her bad-ass-wall-breaking black-suited ninja dancers! The song itself seems catchy but, slightly off. It make be a grower.

Just found a super awesome, yet long (30 mins) special- Interview with Monkey Majik @ JPOP TV. The first part of the interview is worth watching as Blaise and Maynard retell their story of movie to Japan and starting Monkey Majik with Tax and Dick.
“Sendai is the place the be if you’re coming to Japan.”
“It’s great to smoke meat!”
“We were putting maple syrup on everything…but no one in Japan really know what to do with it…besides putting it on pancakes.”

Gosh! Wish I could see them perform in Canada!
Shockingly enough, I never watched their PV for “tada, arigatou!” :o

Here’s the lastes from HALCALI! Love this song! RE:Yasashii Kimochi
The PV is actually quite mellow compared to how crazy the girls normally are. =D “Te wo~” There are two parts in the song that sound some much like Chara!


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one two, one two, one two, be strong ~ Music of the Month (09.02)

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  • 1. darawr  |  Thursday, 12 March, 2009 at 2:46

    alan- WOWOWOW.. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PV. I thought the intro to the PV was nice. The erhu is a interesting instrument. I remember seeing one played by a man on the streets of Thailand. It’s an old traditional Chinese instrument, which was also called the “three stringed violin” in thailand. I love the song. Alan has a very unique voice which I’m starting to like a lot. I end up watching the PV 3 times. :D I love the scenary and how she’s playing the erhu with dancers around her. Love the uniqueness in her style of dressing. Her japanese is good to a point I forgot she’s even Chinese. Oh by the way, she still sounds a little chinese when she sings. I still like it very much. I don’t know if you notice this but, she looks like Yuna from FFX. Doesn’t she? ^^ She looks like an RPG character. hehehe.. Great song Alan!! :D

    YUI- LOLOL…Gosh honey is going to die if he doesn’t see that PV. gosh :P

    Namie- Hahaha.. wow it’s so Namie. I can’t see what this woman CANNOT do. It’s like she’s a super woman. Well Namie is like the Janet Jackson of Japan. She looks kickass in this PV and I thought the song was okay, but like you said not one I will remember so much.

    Monkey Majik-Gosh their PV are always entertaining. I love how they take an artistic approach to it. Most artist videos could have a really good song but a really crappy boring video. Would you go to Canada just to see them perform:O? Well better take me with you to see them. I am their neighbor by the way. hehehe

    HALICALI- Hmm… I don’t know about the music video. It just shows the girls lying down and close up of them. There are parts when the camera zooms in one of the girls’ mouth and cuts off her top head? I do like the ending with the feather falls down and then floats back up. As for the song, it’s slow and not really feeling it much. The little rap the girls are saying is neat though, it seems like an old SES sound I used to hear back when I started out listening to Korean pop music.

  • 2. Ty_Sylicus  |  Thursday, 12 March, 2009 at 12:57

    Wow! You saw a real-life eru player? :o Oh I’m so jealous! xD “three stringed violin”, cute name. :) Woah! 3 times? *shocking!* Haha, I knew you’d fall for her awesomeness eventually! :P Haha, yeah I nearly forget she’s Chinese at times too, though you’re right about her- she still sounds Chinese in her songs. Hearing her that way never lets me forget who she is. ^_^ YUna?! ANime?! :O!? Whatever silly girl! :P

    Actually, “I Do It” isn’t YUI’s new single. I just found out it’s a project she’s doing with someone else, and it’s THEIR song. lol. It’s cool that she’s doing collab though and I wonder if she’s singing in the song besides just writing it?

    Yeah! Namie = KICK ASS JAPANAWOMAN! ROFL! hahaha. um.. XD gosh yeah, “Wild” seems cool enough. Waiting to hear “Dr.”. There should be a PV for that too soon.

    Yeah, MM videos are so cool. This one is actually more artistic that usual b/c we don’t see the band. Canada?! :o Well, unluckily for us they’ve only performed there ONCE since moving to Japan. Chances are the closest we’ll come to the MAJIK live … is on DVD. >.< Just like ev’one else. T_T

    The song is slow with an amazing chorus and a catchy beat. Also, Chara is in there. =D Haha, SES? REeeeeally? Well that may be so, I dunno. When it comes to rapping though, the HAL-CAL girls really got it down! They remind me of a softer / crayzier version of BENNIE K. :O

    Thanks for watching! *HUUUGES*


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