“Oh My!” and a whole lotta Ayu

Wednesday, 25 March, 2009 at 13:38 2 comments

You know (or at least you should know) that I HAVE to post the new Ayu PV’s here!

NEXT LEVEL – The PV itself isn’t the most exciting thing but, it’s nice to go on a drive with Ayu (she looks great! :D), and there are many nice shots in the video.
I especially like the horses and the top-down GTA-style sky-cam shots of the city.
The song is pretty nice. I played through it twice. Have you noticed how Ayu’s been doing fast-paced vocals lately? It’s pretty cool sounding and feels uniquely Ayu. ^__^

Curtain Call – Now here’s an interesting PV. Surprisingly so considering it’s just Ayu walking bare-foot down a dark street. What amazes me is the subtleties of it all; with the rain, snow, and fireworks. There’s the breaking of the 4th wall- when we realize that as the audience, we can see the crew working on the video. At one point, a crewmember even walks beside Ayu carrying an umbrella to shield her from the rain! And then at the end when the curtain drops the camera zooms up and out to show the whole crew; that was great! Also, the entire video is ONE shot! wow!
The song itself was good the first time through and even better the second time. Ayu, just, wow. Her vocals carry so much power. It’s truly beautiful. <3

Sparkle – No, not BoA’s sparkle, this is Ayu’s sparkle! lol. My first thoughts were: “Oh My!”, “Is that leather?”, and another “OH MY!” (also about a dozen OMG’s!). This song is one of Ayu’s most aggressive recently (reminds me of Rule). I love how she’s all cute looking and then FLASH! she’s in tight red in a red room! Her hair like that reminds me of both BoA and Koda Kumi. Next we see Ultra Blue Ayu dancing with Gas Masked dudes. WTF?! And Red eyes = scary eep! xO
As for the song- it’s another “punch-you in the face” super awesome Ayu track. hahaha. Obviously Ayu’s idea of “sparkle” is a lot more aggressive than “every you” and “every me” originally thought…

What truly amazes me is how Ayu can work so well in such varied genres of music, vocal styles, and video themes. Also, the woman can wear ANYTHING and pull it off! She’s really something!

All three of these songs are on her new album NEXT LEVEL, which drops today. Shocking news- the album is also being released in USB Flash Drive version format! According to Wiki: “The two GB flash drive will include the 14 songs of the album in MP3 format along with their lyric data, and six music videos in MP4 format. The flash drive edition is expected to be priced at a ¥6800 (approximately USD$75).” ….Holy crap. Didn’t think of that one. o.O

And also, for those of you who still haven’t listened to her last single…you’re a little behind.

Looks like Younha just can’t stay away from Japan. Her latest song sounds pretty good though. I wonder if she’ll be releasing another Japanese single then?
(The video is Universal so…)


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today I miss you more than ever… Stereopony x YUI x next Tue

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  • 1. darawr  |  Wednesday, 20 May, 2009 at 0:23

    NEXT LEVEL-I love the song and seeing the MV was nice. I like how it’s simple. Reminds me a little bit of Kill Bill. lol I think it’s the car and she’s on the road driving.

    Curtain Call- The video is powerful and emotional. It shows so many sides of Ayu’s acting. She can be so confident in her MV. I love the song as much as the MV. This video is almost like Rainy Day and Momentum don’t you think?

    Sparkle-HAHAHA@Honey’s comment. Yeah I remember telling you about Sparkle. I was surprised by her sexy hot leather red outfit too and then all of a sudden I saw these guys in gas mask and thinking” WTF” do they have to do with the song? :O I LOVE SPARKLE!!! The video is wild and a little bit”Spice” to the song. Ayu is full of imagination. It works with the song I guess. @_@

    Younha Niji no Mukou Gawa-The song is relaxing and nice. I like the simplicity of the video. It’s almost like watching a diary or a short movie of some sort. There’s a lot of fliters used in this video? It makes the video look like it’s old and antique? Maybe she’s thinking about the past? Hmm.. Younha still looks very korean with that Japanese haircut. lol

    • 2. Ty_Sylicus  |  Wednesday, 20 May, 2009 at 13:57

      Haha! OMG Kill Bill. Yeah, I guess maybe it does. I was thinking more of a Mustang CM when I say the horses run by. lol

      Absolutely. Ayu really pulls off the sensitive and lively emotional aspects in this video. Very well done. Yeah, reminds me of those PV’s some too.

      Man, Sparkle kicks SO MUCH ASS as a song and as a PV. I showed Nick this PV and he was like “Oooo-kay…”. hahaha!

      I agree. And I dunno what she thinks she’s doing back in Japan. :/


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