HMC XYZ + mihipefection and who’s that girl?

Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 at 13:48 2 comments


Ok, so check out the new site layout – it’s their new album swamp man ! (of course I saved the image!)

They’ve already tossed one new song onto iTunes for sale – it’s “XYZ“! You can listen to it on YouTube below!

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – XYZ (full song)

Love the new song! It has a stronger Metal ANTI feeling mixed in. HALCA’S vocals sound strong but are deeper than I expected. Even slightly deeper than Maki’s IMO.

Also, you can hear some brand new ANTI-NOBUNAGA songs here! They’re ok IMO, but I prefer XYZ (and the older HMC works). Too much screaming-Yusuke for me. :/

mihimaru GT is releasing a second Summer single, “Torokechau DANDY”. The song is a poppish-Summer affair. It sounds ok. To me, it’s either going to grow on me, or be del’d after a month. We’ll see!

mihimaru GT – Torokechau DANDY PV (link)

The PV features a gratuitous amount of popsicle licking by Hiroko-san. What’s the deal? The rest of it is cute though. Miyake-san looks great as always (he’s the guy BTW!). :P

Here’s the PV for their previous single, “Shiawase ni Narou” (Let’s be Happy). The song is a moving ballad full of Hiroko-san’s shinning vocals! It’s so damn good I get chills in the pre-chorus. Also, the PV is pleasant. ^_^

mihimaru GT – Shiawase ni Narou PV

Korean group BIG BANG is fairing well in Japan. They have also released TWO Summer singles and both of them are on the Oricon Top 30! Great job guys! I have both singles on my PSP. look for my thoughts about them later.

Lastly, I’ve been listening to MONKEY MAJIK’S Maynard Plant (not Blaise! I had them mixed up again. >.< ). Entitled “canvas” and by artist name “blanc.” (which means “white” in French? )

The album is mostly all Enlgish (bits of French?) and has a mid-tempo electronica kinda beat (it’s hard to describe).

My BIG QUESTION is: WHO THE FUCK IS THE FEMALE VOCALIST, WHERE DID SHE COME FROM, AND WHY DOES SHE GET WHOLE SOLO SONGS ON THIS ALBUM!??!!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?  …. Sry about the CAPS. ^^; IT’S REALLY BOTHERING ME THOUGH!!! I can’t seem to find any info on the album through Google. Soooooo, going to have to go Forum digging later. I’m sure the fans will know!

Anywho- gtg. work now. Hey ev’one (Dara) LOCOROCO2 IS LIKE SWEET HEAVEN IN DIGITAL FORM!!! *drools*


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  • 1. darawr  |  Tuesday, 28 July, 2009 at 2:15

    HandMC-XYZ: I thought the song had some good parts. Yes I agree Halca has a deeper voice than Maki’s. Actually to be honest her voice is very normal and might need some time to get used to because it doesn’t sound like punk or rock. I hope that makes any sense. :/ I guess nothing so special about her vocals. XP I thought the screaming parts(Yusuke?) could’ve been toned down a little. It was distracting and I wanted to hear more of Halca but got distracted by him. I thought the clips of the video was fun to watch. XYZ is a more fast rock song which is nice to listen to, but I do miss Maki a lot. lol it’ll get some time to get used too. ^^

    Mihimaru GT-Torokechau DANDY:Wow what’s with all the popsicle licking? Geez can Japanese girls tone down the cutesy a little bit? lol jk i thought it was funny how her makeup look awful. The geisha lips were awful. The only time I wanna see that is on an actual “Geisha.” anywho, i thought the song was okay. It’s playful, upbeat, and carefree song. I wasn’t feeling much of the video and thought it was a bit cheesy. The white dude and asian chick. Asian chick licking the popsicle was cheesy. White dude was cheesy. lol Bad acting maybe? :P Sorry I’m being critical. I have to be honest. *_*

    Mihimaru GT -Shiawase ni Narou

    Yes this song is actually nice. I like her voice better in this song. I like the video and it’s not so bad like you said.

    Loco Roco2: hahaha… WHAT A FRICKIN CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GAME. I love the trailer. :) I wanna play it!! :D

  • 2. Ty_Sylicus  |  Friday, 31 July, 2009 at 13:44

    Yeah, the more I listen to the song, the more I think HALCA hasn’t much experience singing. She sounds good but, I wonder if she’ll sound great in any of the songs. She fits with the band’s style but will she impress me like Maki did? …

    LOL! Yeah, guess Yusuke’s screaming was a bit much for you. I thought he took over half of the song just himself. That’s more that he would with Maki around to keep him in check. Now that she’s gone, I’m thinking Yusuke is more in charge of things.

    Haha, yeah the makeup was so off! LOL! Um yeah ok, the video sucked. The song is good though.

    :o Yay! See? I knew you’d like Shiawase ni Narou. It’s such a nice song! ^__^

    OMG I KNOW! I’ll let you experience all the FRAPPINAWESOMENESS that is LocoRoco when I see you.


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