Shizukusa’s back with “Natsu-Pop”

Tuesday, 4 August, 2009 at 14:57 Leave a comment

I am VERY happy to report that our lovely Yumi Shizukusa is BACK with a Summer themed mini-album entitled “ENDLESS SUMMER”. I can’t believe I just found out!

The A-side is “Endless Summer”, a Natsu-Pop sounding song that shares a slight Yuna Ito feel; which can only mean one thing- it’s good! (She also reminds me a little of Ito in this following promo pic. Maybe just a little like Ito’s trust you cover?)

It’s nice to see Yumi back and doing more upbeat songs. She looks wonderful! I’ve missed her and am very glad to see her and hear her lovely vocals again. <3

Yumi Shizukusa – Endless Summer PV

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Thought the PV was fun to watch and I’m really liking the song now! =D


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