I knew the day would come but, WHAT’S THIS?!

Wednesday, 19 August, 2009 at 14:50 2 comments

Yesterday Sony announced the release of the new PS3 Slim for a reasonable price tag of $299. And it’s CUTE! =D

PS3 Slim

This sounds great and the new system looks great, HOWEVER, somewhere along the production line something VERY important was LOST. The new Slim system is the 4th version of PS3 to be released. After version 2 however, Sony DROPPED the backwards compatibility support for PLAYSTATION 2 discs.

<rant style=”relevant, slightly whiny”>


My stomach felt so sick after reading this that I almost lost my lunch! What are they thinking?! And hear this- they keep the support for Playstation ONE games though. WHAT?! WHY?! Like most people I know, there really aren’t any good PS1 games left that I HAVEN’T played yet.

Damn Sony. I must say, I’ve VERY, VERY upset about this.

Here’s the scoop from Wikipedia:

“The primary use of the Emotion Engine was to serve as the PlayStation 2’s CPU. The first versions of the PlayStation 3 also featured an Emotion Engine on the motherboard to achieve backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games. However, subsequent releases of the PlayStation 3 dropped the Emotion Engine in order to lower costs.”

Ver. 2.0 of the PS3 replaces the Emotion Engine with a “Graphics Synthesizer” GPU, that was then stripped when version 3.0 was released. And that is why the new Slim doesn’t have it either. DAMMIT!

The removal of PS2 game support is a TRAGEDY, and it makes me what to cry. I have no choice now but to run my PS2 (a fat one) until it dies, and then go buy a used PS2 slim; and repeat. That’ll be the ONLY way to play my HUGE library of GREAT PS2 games! And besides, there are still a BUNCH of GREAT PS2 games that I still WANT to play.

My apologies for not jumping on the “Next Generation NOW” bandwagon. I don’t play games because they look and sound great. Or do I play games simply because they are popular or NEW. I play the games that I WANT to play because I know I’ll enjoy doing so. And THAT, is exactly the kind of gamer that Sony is no longer catering too. Well guess what Sony, I still want a Wii!



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  • 1. vagoo  |  Thursday, 20 August, 2009 at 10:28

    I got a Wii :) Don’t use it much lately though :/

    Is it just me or do the slim PS3 look like a cheap pirate copy of the original? I mean like one of thoose PS3 replicas that are made in some asian countries :/

    And I wont get the PS3 since everytime I tried to use one I managed to get it to freeze constantly :S

  • 2. Ty_Sylicus  |  Thursday, 20 August, 2009 at 10:45

    Why not mail it too Dara and I as a gift then? ;) lol

    HAHA. Yeah the PS3 slim looks a little plain but, it’s actually quite similar to the old PS2. Also, I think it’s cutely shaped. ^_^


    Well at least you stay away from X-stox.

    PS. I miss disc trays. T.T


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