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HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – swamp man

With the loss of vocalist Maki, many of us fans wondered what would become of our band. Luckily, they choose to drive on! New vocalist HALCA was recruited, and once again the sound that is HIGH & MIGHTY COLOR has been redefined.

swamp man taste like the fusion of ANTI-NOBUNAGA and classic H&MC styles.
The band put a lot of themselves into this album, and it shows.

You can read an interview with J-Pop World HERE.

album artwork

The album cover is amazing! My eyes constantly wonder about it, finding new things and daydreaming about randomness. Whoever came up with this cover was either quite inspired, or high on something…
The skull is great, as well as the text placement, though I do feel the album title could have stood out a little more somehow. Perhaps another font, color, stroke, or simply just removing the article behind it.

The new HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR logo, while it does look fancy and progressive, has one MAJOR flaw: that is with the letters “G”, “H”, and “T”. They look somewhat like “C”, “K”, and “S” respectively, thus making the band’s name appear close to “HICK and MICKSY COLOR”, which is quite ridiculous. A few of my non-fan friends actually confirmed this. How awful! Xo

The inside of the booklet isn’t very exciting. It uses subtle solid colors that alternate per page, thus contrasting the energy of the cover.
The text has a nice layout and is very legible.

Surprisingly to me, the album comes in a standard jewel case with the booklet but NO other inserts. Therefore, it doesn’t have a rear cover. Instead, it was packed much like a YUI slim single (or the old Ayu singles), with the CD flipped over as to show it’s cover through the clear plastic backing.

The disc is quite cool. It’s printed black sun rays from the center with silver details.

album review

1. swamp man
The over 2-min. intro has an unusual vibe to it. HALCA can be heard reading a short passage about the swamp man theory.

2. XYZ
The album starts great, with a fierce guitar to the left ear. haha. Released on iTunes before the album, this song perfectly shows the power that is the HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, showing strong performances from the whole band. It’s hard not to love this one.

3. good bye
Another heavy song, HALCA displays firm English vocals during the great chorus. The whole band is rocking their asses off- there’s so much energy! Yusuke is especially pumped up, though he needs to work on saying “liar”. :P The guitar riffs really make this song great, as does the short moment of silence (HALCA without instruments) towards the end.
A promotional music video was made for this song. Watch it!

All the songs from this point on, I had waited to hear until my album arrived in the mail.

4. eyes
eyes is an enjoyable song with nice vocals and a good beat. However, there’s nothing special about it. There is a nostalgic feeling here.

5. fly me to the other moon
A long title for a fun song. HALCA’s altered vocals sound really good, and Yusuke’s English is pretty solid. His English parts can be addictive. I especially love it in the chorus when he shouts “fly me to the other moon”- it’s edgy! Gotta love the bridge too!

6. pain
It sounds like HALCA and Yusuke sing sections of this song together, and they sound great. Here, Yusuke shows off his famous “Machine-gun Vox” when he raps almost entirely in Japanese. pain is a simple and short song.

7. 7.2
The first H&MC song to be titled in numbers. Perhaps this is the third version? Odd title aside, this song serves Yusuke’s longest Vox verses. HALCA also sings the chorus so quickly, it’s impressive. Also, fierce guitars are present!

8. hate
“Wake up! Wake up!” Yusuke, I’m sure we’re awake by this point. =P The song is solid with a strong chorus. Worth noting is the HALCA gets her turn to drop the F-bomb here. hehe

9. living
Yusuke really puts his screamo skills out on the table in this one, and sounds pretty damn good doing so. “I should be strong”. I think it’s great, that even with such a powerful vocalist as Yusuke is, the power of the band balances him out. They make sure to shine just as bright!

10. you
I don’t understand this song being compared to “With YOU”. I think the structure reminds me more of “pain”; with Yusuke’s Vox and HALCA’s strong choruses. The song is slightly more mellow though, which makes it a fitting end to the album.

final thoughts

This album, though on the short side, definitely proofs two things: 1. HALCA fits perfectly into the bad and, 2. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR is determined to survive!

While the album’s harder style is nice, it seems too straightforward. Some of the H&MC magic has been lost. It feels like something is missing. Perhaps it’s due to the band sticky strictly to their own instruments, without adding (hardly) any electronic or orchestral sounds?


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Ok, um… that made little to no sense at all I took the month off

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  • 1. yuuna  |  Tuesday, 15 December, 2009 at 0:10

    Maybe they need compose a song with dramatic orchestra song..

  • 2. Ty_Sylicus  |  Tuesday, 15 December, 2009 at 22:20

    :O A… COMMENT?! OMG!

    Yeah, the band has only done TWO songs that are kinda orchestral (this was before previous lead singer Makii left the band). They are both on the single “Tadoritsuku Basho” / “Oxalis”.


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