PV mash-up OCT-9

Monday, 12 October, 2009 at 17:48 Leave a comment

school food punishment –
see-through communication PV

Calmer than their previous two yet, nice non-the-less.
(Sorry about the low-qual, it’s the best I could get for now.)

alan – BALLAD ~Namonaku Koi no Uta~

Not alan’s best ballad, that’s for sure. The PV is slow with some interesting points. alan’s hair looks a little extreme though…

Jyongri – Muteki na Ai PV

Jyongri looks hot but, other than that the PV is boring. This is the kind of slow PV that is ONLY fitting for use with a BALLAD! It’s nice to see her dirty though; that’s new.

Jyongri – Maybe Someday PV

Diddo for this video, plus a soft focus lens. *yawn*

Koda Kumi – Alive PV

The Northern Lights? This PV has some interesting CG elements, but the of it all just doesn’t seem to match with the song.

Namie Amuro – Do Me More PV

This is a PV I over-looked somehow. Namie looks great and this is one creepy PV. Alice in Wonderland anyone? It’s the best PV here. lol


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Music of the Month (09.09) does that make me a fan?

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