Artist Spotlight Log 8 – HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR

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HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR is a Rock / Pop Rock band out of Okinawa, Japan. Though it’s been a difficult journey, the band is strong and has continued to make consistent releases under the Sony Music label.

Also known as “Haikara”, “HandMC”, “H&MC”, or “HMC”, they are:
HALCA – Female Vocalist
Yuusuke – Male Vocalist
SASSY – Drums
MEG – Guitar
Kazuto – Guitar
mACKAz – Bass

In the beginning, the five men formed a band under the name ANTI NOBUNAGA, and worked hard to gain recognition in the Okinawan area. They participated in the 2003 summer music festival in Okinawa, and played to a sold out crowd. After being scouted by a Sony rep, the band recorded their only two original songs before becoming H&MC- “meaning” and “hate you!”. They then released an indie single “OVER” which topped the indie Oricon charts for a whole month!

Around that same time, Sony was also interested in a young female vocalist- Maakii. After watching them perform, the band convinced her to join. At last, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR was born. The band was moved to SME Records- a major Sony label. Their first single, “PRIDE” was tied-in with popular anime Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny which bolstered sales to a surprising 223,208. None of their future singles have been able to top this benchmark.

Though they are a unique and hard-working band, unfortunately, sales over the years have been declining. The band has yet to release a single or album that takes #1 on the Oricon. Their singles “PRIDE” and “Ichirin no Hana” both peaked at #2 and their first two albums reached the top 10.

On July 1, 2008, it was announced that Maakii had married Dreams Come True singer Masato Nakamura on June 22, 2008 and would be leaving the band by the end of 2008. The band would release “Remember” as their final single with Maakii, and begin searching for a new vocalist in early 2009.

On Jan. 1st, 2009, H&MC was assigned to Spice Records- which is an Okinawan based indie studio under Sony that has maintained rights to the band over the years. Luckily, this means they can sing ANY of their old songs with the new vocalist!

After running auditions for a month, the band had found their new vocalist- HALCA. She is the youngest member in the band. In July, they released a digital single “XYZ” to promote the upcoming album, swamp man, which will be released September 2nd! (credit:Wikipedia)

It was the Winter of 2005 when a friend of mine sent me a link to the PV of “Ichirin no Hana”. I became addicted to the song and downloaded their first album “GooVER”; it was great. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR was the first Rock band outta Japan that I really got into. I feel their rhythm deep in my soul. ^_^ As with YUI, I began collecting (buying) their singles and albums (my collection is near completion!).

Though the band’s style has made numerous changes over the years, the music has still remained important to me. With the departure of Maakii, and the arrival and HALCA, I can only hope for the best. I must say I’m excited. What will become of them now? Will the new H&MC out sale the old? Time will reveal the truth.

A l b u m s

  • [2005.09.14] GVER
  • [06.04.05] Gou on Progressive
  • [07.02.21] SAN
  • [07.12.26] 10 Color Singles (singles collection album)
  • [08.03.19] ROCK PIT
  • [08.11.26] BEEEEEEST (fan-picked best of album)
    -Maki leaves. Band reforms with HALCA-
  • [09.09.02] swamp man

S i n g l e s

  • [2005.01.26] PRIDE
  • [05] PRIDE Remix
  • [05] OVER
  • [05] RUN☆RUN☆RUN
  • [05] Days
  • [05] STYLE ~get glory in this hand~
  • [06] Ichirin no Hana
  • [06] DIVE into YOURSELF
  • [06] Enrai ~Tooku ni Aru Akari~
  • [07] Todoritsuku Basho / Okizarisu
  • [07] Dreams
  • [07] Amazing
  • [08] FLASHBACK / Komorebi no Uta
  • [08] HOT LIMIT
  • [08] Remember
    -Maki leaves. Band reforms with HALCA-
  • [09] XYZ (digital single)

Watch PV’s!
Here’s a small sample of PV’s. Just a few of my favs.

Visit the new H&MC official site Japan HERE
Check out this old fansite for some lyrics and translations (INSOMNIA) HERE
Read more on Wikipedia HERE


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