Ayu is bringing back the BAD ASS

Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 at 15:06 4 comments

A new PV is out now promoting Ayu’s new album, Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus, due out April 14th. This, her 11th studio album, will be released on the same day as her new tour DVD: Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour 2009 A: Next Level.

The covers look HOT, as does the tracklist:

CD only

CD only



1.        “The Introduction”
2.        “Microphone
3.        “Count Down”
4.        “Sunset ~Love is All~
5.        “Ballad
6.        “Last Links”
7.        “Montage”
8.        “Don’t Look Back”
9.        “Jump!”
10.     “Lady Dynamite”
11.     “Sexy Little Things”
12.     “Sunrise ~Love is All~
13.     “Meaning of Love”
14.     “You Were…
15.     “Red Line: for TA” (Album Version)

WATCH: Ayumi Hamasaki – Microphone [PV]

An amazing song and PV. Judging by this, will Ayu’s next album be more on the Rockish side?


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  • 1. sakurayume  |  Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 at 18:01

    The covers are hot and scream “Kanon Wakeshima” to me. Haha.

    I think this album is going to be rockish, not quite on the epic level GUILTY was on, but I think it’ll be a good mix of that album and the electropop styles from NEXT LEVEL.

    I still love Ayu a lot, and it makes me feel awful to say this, but I don’t see this selling too much.

    • 2. Ty_Sylicus  |  Thursday, 1 April, 2010 at 0:31

      Reeeeallly? Nothing matter what Ayu does, I doubt it WONT’ sell much. She’s AH-YOU. Just her name alone means sales.

      Let’s wait and see who’s right about this sakura-chan. ;)

  • 3. Yuuko  |  Thursday, 1 April, 2010 at 18:13

    I have such high hopes for this album!!
    Gorgeous covers + ~9 new songs + Amazing PV = A new album on par with “Secret”?
    Nothing left but to wait and see I guess~.

    • 4. Ty_Sylicus  |  Sunday, 4 April, 2010 at 21:14

      Thx for the comment Yuuko-san!

      It’s funny that you mentioned “Secret” in place of “GUILTY”. While both albums were excellent, I have to pick “Secret” as my favorite too (it along with “(miss)understood”).

      I’m quite excited as well! =D



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