Koyote’s first mini-album arives

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Ok, now I know this is suuuuper late but, I’m really want to make this blog more active. It’s just that, I haven’t felt inspired lately. Yesh, I ish lay zee. :P

Also, let it be known that THIS is my first album review in over a year. ha.

Koyote Ugly: First Mini Album 2010

Koyote Ugly

There's nothing ugly about this mini album, save for the cover (which is more weird that ugly, really).

01 Lovely (Feat. 천명훈)
02 녹턴 (Nocturne : 야상곡)
03 리턴 (Return)
04 사랑하긴 했니
05 Spark

Ty Review:

I love the intro song Lovely which kicks off the album with a strong vocal announcement from Shin Ji and her backups. This is WAY better than a pointless and head-scratching “intro” that a lot of albums do.
Chun Myung Hoon’s part is short as is the entire song. It’s good but, over too fast. 4/5

Nocture takes a little bit to get going but, sounds fun once it does. More vocal-Gospel style going on here; nice to hear Shin Ji and Jong Min harmonizing again. Love that piano! 4/5

Obviously the most aggressive song, Return has a point to make: Koyote may be broken but, they’re not going away yet! >:D “FIERCE” is all this song is; just non-stop FIERCE. You gotta love it. I do. Could have used less chorus and more verse; yet another song over before it’s time. 4/5

Next we have the obligatory KYT ballade: [Did You Ever Love Me?]. A nice ballad that affirms that both Shin Ji and Jong Min have the vocals, even if they are going up in years. 3/5

Spark finishes that album out strong, though it feels a little like Nocture. Their English bits sound great as always. :) 4/5


Not sure about this promo though. Why's Jong Min in glasses?

Ty in Conclusion:

Koyote Ugly is a solid release that only leaves my pallet wanting more. Perhaps that is the purpose of a mini-album? The songs aren’t great but, I love them anyways b/c I love Koyote! *sarang hae!* I feel that Shin Ji and Jong Min really gave a strong effort to stand on their own and try some fresh flavors. The mini album is something slightly off the beaten KYT trail and that freshness is what makes these songs so much fun to listen (and jam-out) to. =D

I’ve grown quite attached to this group over the past five years and it breaks my heart to see them still apart; without Jong Min or without Bbaek Ga- I can really feel that “someone missing”, and that makes me very sad. :( I know Koyote is an old group, so to see them still pushing forward just fills me with warmth; they’re doing the best they can! KYT fighting! >:D No one can say jack about that!

I can’t wait until they are back together again and I pray they continue to release just “one more album”.

~Koyote, I was there with you in your prime, and I’ll be here beside you until the end~


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