2010 RUIDO >n< REVIEW – New Artist of the Year awards

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And the winners of my 2010 New Artist of the Year awards are:

\\ \ + + __^’ KOREA ‘^__ + + / //



TaeYang is just amazing in so many ways and his first solo album SOLAR proves this, very much so. Every track on the album is hot–especially the singles. The man has strong vocals, dancing moves, and good looks to back it all up. TaeYang is the complete Asian package, and his music this year is now among the highest rated of all, inside my Korean song collection.

Fav 2010 release: SOLAR

Fav songs: “I’ll Be There”, “I Need A Girl”, “Wedding Dress“, “Just A Feeling”



>>> == __ – JAPAN -__ == <<<

Rie fu

Rie fu

Rie fu really caught me by surprise this year. It was a combination of Beyond the Sea (blog) and DARKER than BLACK (anime) that got me to finally listen to her.

After “Tsukiakari“, I listened to her recent singles and Tobira Album. I find some of her songs to be quite interesting, while others are snooze fests. I wonder what she’ll be doing in the future.



~*.* )) ) |.. OTHER ..| ( (( *.*~



Okay, so if you DON’T know who Charice is by now, then go ahead and smack yourself, briskly and repeated, in the face. (just kidding, don’t)

This girl is as talented as a shooting star is bright! I mean, how much awesomeness can God squeeze into one pint-sized girl?

Not only does Charice have some of the most beautiful vocals you’ve ever heard, but she’s not even fully grown! Can you imagine how much stronger she will become in just five years time? :o

This year I was blown away by her debut album, Charice, as well as the extra tracks on her Japan version of the album, and her recent “Grown-Up Christmas List EP”. <3


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2010 RUIDO >n< REVIEW – Fav New Artists 2010 RUIDO >n< REVIEW – Korea: Fav 7 Digital Singles / Singles

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