Posting again + Pokemon talk

Sunday, 10 June, 2012 at 12:24 Leave a comment

So I think I’ve been inactive with this blog for about a year, save for posting the monthly DarTy Poem and sporadically updating the VG page. What can I say, facebook killed my blog.

Well, I’ve decided to return but, only to post small outlines of what I’ve been up to. Why? Well, mostly b/c I think it’ll be fun. :) I don’t really care if anyone reads it but, since I’m very inactive on fb as well, I’ll turn on the fb publish option.

I’ll be doing quick posts about what I’ve watching, what games I’m playing, and various Pokemon TCG stuff.


Entry filed under: Randomness.

I WIN! I WIN! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Playing:Various…

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