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DarTy Heart

DarTy Anniversaries ~ ai no poems ~ to Dara, my Love

DarTy 2nd Anniversary Banner by Dara

Each month I write my girlfriend a poem on the 14th to celebrate our ongoing commitment.
On our yearly anniversaries, I sometimes try to write her a song. ^_^

“little angel” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 139 – 14Mar17
My beautiful woman
Brought into this world
A beautiful baby girl
That will shake our world

Her tour through life
Begin with two bright eyes
She learns day by day
With laughter and cries

My little angel
So small and cute
You have stolen my heart
Have taken the loot

Here I stand with you
The two ladies by my side
Never to leave either
My love and my pride

“memories” ~anni no poem~ DarTy 120 ~ 10 Yr Anni – 14Aug15
The man you found isn’t perfect
Sometimes he slips up a bit
Other times he trips over it
There are even times when he falls

With a life full of memories
He often misplaces this and that
As jumbled-up as he must seem
Some things he will never forget

Each and every one of our memories
Have become part of something more
Deep inside our hearts they rest
Keeping us from ever feeling alone

I know you must sit and reminisce
Maybe dreaming about a different life
Where things make much more sense
And the entire world isn’t mad

All the great times we have shared
The crazy wonderful memories we made
Perhaps even some boring ones
They were worth every single second

All of the memories we have created
As endless as the sky above us
Reach across to cover like a blanket
Keeping us from ever feeling cold

He may forget this and that
Just remember that his heart is true
The important moments he feels inside
Even if he cannot remember to tell you

The love you see in his eyes
That irresistible urge to touch
A tender kiss or a wild embrace
He thinks about all of this too

Even when you are not around
You are never far from his mind
Don’t pretend you are not loved
Ten years of memories have survived

Open your eyes each day and feel truth
Ten years of memories live on inside you

He will never forget to say “I love you”
Ten years of memories with just us two

“HAIR”  ~anni no poem~ DarTy 117 – 14May15
Your beastly hair
Is everywhere
And everywhere
Is your beastly hair

In my clothes?
Yes, it’s there
Up my nose?
Yes, there too

There is nowhere
Where this is no hair
From your beautiful head
To all over our bed

There is no place
Without hair to face
It sticks like tape
There is no escape

These lovely little reminders
That you send with me each day
Packed like a lunch
But not eatable in that way

Oh my love
Your curly accessory
Will somehow find
It’s way next to me

Your beastly hair
Is a monster of sorts
Though I must confess
I love it of course

Your beastly hair
Makes me aware
These feelings we share
Such a beautiful pair

“a brighter day”  ~anni no poem~ DarTy 116 ~ 3 Yr MarriAnni  – 14Apr15
I don’t mind all this waiting
It gives me time to face my fears
Been alone, just on my own
For all of these years

I’m lost for words again today
How can she treat love like a game?
Thinking I don’t realize
Every day, she is just the same

Can I lean a little closer?
Looking deeply into your eyes
To find truth beyond the lies
Won’t dare turn away
I know I can see it
A brighter day

I don’t mind all this waiting
It gives me time to count my tears
Been without, just full of doubt
For most of these years

I’m lost in choice again today
Why must we still play this game?
Wanting her to realize
Every day, I am just the same

Girl, you’ve got to show it
Show your world to me
Don’t hold it all inside
Girl, you’ve got to know it
You’re the world to me
I can’t set it all aside
Show me and I’ll see
Tell me and I’ll listen
You hide all your secrets
Until you become
A secret, a secret
You are a secret
It’s all driving me crazy
So girl, just please
Don’t be such a secret to me

Can you lean a little closer?
Looking deeply into my eyes
To find truth behind the lies
Don’t dare turn away
I want you to see it
A brighter day

I want to give you it
A brighter day

“love birds”  ~ai no poem~ DarTy 115 – 14Mar15
Today is the day
So sunny and bright
I’ll find a way
To do this right

Pen to that paper
I’m lost for words
Window open to outside
The song of birds

What am I doing?
How do I say?
Give me a clue love
Show me the way

I know I’m lost
But this I must
Make a wish
Sealed with a kiss
I offer you my trust
Give or take
Do or die
Cross the T’s
Dot the I’s
My fists held tight
I’ll jump up high
Pray I can fly
This message now
Across the sky
All the way to you

When you open your eyes
You’ll see my letter
Will you open the gate?
This life could be better

When your read my words
I hope your feel my heart
Just imagine me with you
A beautiful new start

So I’ll stick this pen to paper
This letter isn’t going to write itself
I’ll pour out my love for you
Making a recipe for our future

Yes pen to that paper
Making it last
Time moves so fast
It’s impossible to know
The best way to go
Even without a clue
I just wanna be with you

I know you don’t know me
You don’t even know for sure
But girl, I just have to say
Make room in your heart
For new love and happiness
Together we can shine
Warm like the sky above
Wing in wing, we’ll sing
Just like birds in love

Today is the day
This could be our night
I have room to stay
Let’s do this right

Pen to that paper
Grasping for words
Nearby an open window
The song of birds

“A Happy Day”  ~ai no poem~ DarTy 114 – 14Feb15
A simple kiss
A single rose
A hand to hold
A star that glows

Your smiling face
Looks down at me
Your shining love
Is all I see

You’re up above
I’m down below
Which way to go
I just don’t know

A world of choices
Still asking for more
Not a single key
Can open every door

The overwhelming weight
Of the choices we make
Living with you each day
Can I give more than I take?

A simple word
A single day
A person to love
A moment to say

My love is here to stay
Have a Happy Birthday

“not falling apart”  ~ai no poem~ DarTy 111 – 14Nov14
You were my friend
Now you’re so much more
Knocked down my guards
I kicked in your door

You took my heart
It was ripped up
Your tore down my walls
Then built me up

Somehow I know
Without you I’d be lost again
Alone and falling apart

I hope we never part

This is no game
Love means war
Deep in my heart
There is no cure

You try if you want
A struggle true
But I’m never
Letting go of you

I just want you to know
Without you I’m not home again
Alone and falling apart

I pray we never part

It’s hurts so bad
I know it’s true
Let me kiss
Every part of you

You stare at me
With those lovesick eyes
Remembering each day
I spent between your thighs

You must know
Without you I’m just a person
Alone and falling apart

Please, let us never part

“change” ~anni no poem~ DarTy 108 ~ 9 Yr Anni – 14Aug14
Time is always moving
And we are moving too
Things are always changing
And I want to change too

A new situation for us
Let’s begin a new chapter
Many things will change
But not my love for you

I’m a puzzle to myself
Pieced together by years
I’m stubborn, and lazy
It’s not easy to change

Drop me on the floor
Scatter my pieces about
Now let’s build it up
We can create something new

What can I do when I don’t know?
I only pretend to have all the answers
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you
And yet it’s still not easy to change

A new day
And each night
I cannot stop loving you

The world is always spinning
And we are spinning too
Let all the changes come
Then we can change too

Some things will be different
But others will stay the same
Our life is heading for change
But never my love for you

If we drew a map
Or followed a road
You don’t need a compass
To see what’s in my heart

What can I do when I just don’t know?
I’m only as strong as you think I am
I only want a bright future for us
And yet it’s never easy to change

“A Dangelous Trap” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 106 – 14Jun14
Your love is like
A beautiful trap
I’m glued to you
Can never go back

You hold me close
I see those honey eyes
Put a lock on my heart
Such a perfect disguise

If love was a game
You’d play it to win
Take the fall for you
Again and again

I can’t stop myself
Too right to be wrong
We’ll happily dance
To another love song

You know I like it
And I like you
All those crazy
Things that you do
Pull me close to you
Girl don’t be so blue
Speak with your lips
Those hips
I flip
Don’t trip
Just say what’s true
My love won’t hurt you

You’re a beautiful danger
But I’ll take that risk
Trade all my pain in life
For just one more kiss

“Day by Day” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 104 – 14Apr14
I must confess
You’re my treasure
Hand in hand
I’ll love you better

My mind is lost
Each time I see
Those honey eyes
Looking back at me

The heart in my chest
Beats so quickly
You got me, got me
Going so crazy

What can I do?
What can I say?
Just be with you
Day by Day

Let’s take another step
On this our journey
I’ll be your man
It’s okay to be girly

Don’t wanna rock the boat
Just pull at the ropes
Deep in your heart
You carry all my hopes

How can I say this?
How do I explain?
You’re my number one
I should never complain

All my wishes
All that I fear
Stand me up straight
Don’t let me veer

What should I do?
What should I say?
Just listen to you
Day by Day

Just be in love with you
Haru Haru

“bright.future” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 103 – 14Mar14
Don’t dare hold back now
Don’t advert your tender eyes
It’s so bright, so beautiful
The light of our future shining through

Our heartaches and broken dreams
Don’t mean a thing
The past has been lived
And we have learned from it

Looking onward to a new day
Living this day full of heart
We do our very best
There is no second try

Get up
Wake up
Stand up
And shine
This is a brand new day
This is our new time
Hand in hand and step, step, step

Don’t hold back now
Push even harder then before
Be the one I love, so beautiful
The light of our future shining through

Don’t fall down my girl
Don’t lose heart
Even the worst of times can be good
If only having you by my side

My heart so close to yours
Sharing our bright live forever

“太陽 (Taiyō)” *DarTy 100* – 14Dec13
I’m not sure I’m strong enough
All I can do is act tough
To live my life in your light
I won’t give up without a fight

I’ll kiss you a hundred times
Then kiss you a hundred more
I know I’ve changed for the better
Your sparkling beauty in my world

You’re my beautiful Taiyō
Never want to let you go
Can’t escape your gravity
Always have you near me

Let me be the one you love
Revolve around you like The Sun
Shining down upon my heart
Never let this fall apart

It’s hard to blink when you’re there
There’s so much that you want to share
You’re a blessing to all that you touch
I hope you know how I love you so much

Blinding my eyes with just one wink
You’re just so crazy cute, I think
I want to fly closer to your glow
Melt my heart like cold Winter snow

You’re my beautiful Taiyō
Never want to let you go
Can’t escape your gravity
Always have you near me

Let me be the one you love
Revolve around you like The Sun
Shining down upon my heart
Never let this fall apart

A hundred kisses for you today
A hundred kisses more tomorrow
I’ll kiss every tear that falls
Let’s spare no time for sorrow

You’re my radiant Taiyō
Always want you to know
You drown out all that’s blue
There is no warmth without you

“my friend” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 99 – 14Nov13
Dear My Friend,

Thank you
For being there for me
Thank you
For being fair with me

When I’m sick
You ease my hurt
When I’m in pain
You ease my heart

You’re a blessing
And a beautiful gift
So full of feeling
Love that will never shift

I can’t but be closer to you
You’re a playful animal
A pillar of support
A magnet of sorts

It’s a wonderful world
With you, my girl
Let this never end
With you, my friend

“endless knight” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 98 – 14Oct13
The sun sets
Each day is done
The night begins
Let’s have some fun

A darkness smothers the sky
Damp clouds with a dull moon
A creepy wind brushes your cheek
It grows so quiet all around you

How can you feel safe at all
Walking alone in the night?
The fear crawls up your back
Will you survive this fright?

Why are you scared, girl?
You’re face is blue
I can see you, my pretty
Don’t lose your cool

Just like when you were a kid
Your imagination would betray you
What are you going to do now
With no one around to save you?

The darkness can play tricks on you
What is a lie and what is true?
Your heart isn’t the only one
That beats alone in the night

You’re acting afraid, girl
Give you a clue
Follow me, my beauty
Don’t play the fool

It’s okay girl
It’s alright
Don’t be afraid
Don’t fear the night
Just find my side
Just hear my call
‘Cuz I got you girl
Pretty frame and all
I’ll fight your fears
Hold tight them tears
Can’t control my touch
I’ll love you so much
Don’t scream, just hush
You got nothin’ to fear
I’ll be right here
Wanna hold ya near
Just hold ya tight
Deep into the night
Girl, I got you right?
So say goodnight

I can see it beyond the rain
A teary truth in your eyes
Your heart has felt before
All the pain and the lies

I won’t hurt you my dear
Can promise you this much
Not all things end in pain
Like a high school crush

If you open your heart to me
I can save you girl
Fight the demons away
Build a brand new world

So drop your fears
No longer your tears

Come with me if you like
I’ll show you the light
Or stay here alone
In this endless night

“my person” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 97 – 14Sep13
Be my person
Be my only girl
Make me feel a love so bright
Stay with me for life

Your curly dark hair
Like wild wavy strands
Around your beautiful face
A place for my hands

Your puffy cheeks
Like cute blushie hills
Beside your hidden ears
With a smile that kills

Your soft kissable lips
Like gifts from an angel
Holder of secrets
Melt me from any angle

Your tender loving hands
Like the saviors of my life
Touch me like only you can
My perfectly imperfect wife

Be my person
Be my only one
Make me feel a joy so alive
Stay with me for life

“little things” ~anni no poem~ DarTy 96 ~ 8 Yr DarTy – 14Aug13
Girl, sometimes
I don’t know why
I can’t figure out
What’s on your mind

I would like to think
That I know you so well
But sometimes baby
It’s hard to tell

All the crazy little things
We done back then
Are hey crazy fun things
We can do again?

Times are changing
And we change too
What are you thinking?
How I wish I knew

I’m not a psychic
Though sometimes psycho
Like when I don’t sleep
Drink too much Red Bull

If you see me get loopy
Getting dizzy as well
I’m the boy you love so
That’s me in a nutshell

When it comes to gifts
I feel most clueless
So I procrastinate
This I must confess

I wanna show you love
Be the man you know
But not every gift
Needs come with a bow

Don’t miss the little things
Like a hug and a kiss
When you’re not looking
Little things that you miss

Best friend forever
That’s you and I
True love together
Til the day we die

“blUe” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 95 – 14Jul13
The color of your lips
That spark in your eye
Only a fool wouldn’t miss
Only an idiot would deny

You’re like an ocean blue
Yet I don’t wish to swim
All these feelings for you
I want to drown in them

Over me
Like beautiful waves

Take me
I’m all caught up in you

Is your love really as deep
As the blue in this sea?
If a tear dropped from my cheek
Would you know it was me?

I used to sit in the sand
To the horizon I would plea
Oh please, hear me and
Let me be the fish of your sea

With me
Like radiant lights

See me
I’m all lost without you

Never did I think my wishes
Would ever reach a girl like you
Now you shower me kisses
Cover me with your ocean blue

Some things are meant to be
Better later than too soon
Thank you for wanting me
Embracing me under the moon

So I close my eyes and open them again
Is all this a fantasy or just a dream?

“the smallest things” ~anni no poem~ DarTy 92 ~ 1 Yr MarriAnni – 14 Apr 13
From between the sheets
Above pillow I raise my head
Each day is yet another day
To see your smile my way

Sometimes life feels old
It all gets a little boring too
Time moves so quickly
Not always bringing you close to me

I would like to imagine a world
Where we could all remember our dreams
I can believe the future is bright
Just as long as you hold me tight

Even if things feel like a mess
I’ll step outta that bed anyways
Thank you for all the simple things you do
Even the smallest things like “I love you”

Most times I’m so far lost in myself
I’m too emotional for my own good
When I look into your eyes
One more negative feeling dies

I may not always understand all of you
Don’t blame me for all my shortcomings
I don’t expect you to be perfect
Some things are so hard to predict

So once again I’ll close my eyes
My only prayer is for you by my side
Those lonely nights without you are so hard
Your warm soul plays on my heart like a trump card

Kiss my heart babe
Shake my world too
All that you do for me
You’re my everything

“mess” ~birthday poem~ DarTy 90 – Dara’s 28th Bday – 14Feb13
It’s so nice to know you
I’m so glad you found me
Wondering in this world alone
I worried love would never be

It’s so warm to hold your hand
I wish you would never let go
Laying here in this cold alone
It was what I grew to know

It’s so sweet to taste your lips
I’m still waiting for our next kiss
Give me a hug, a turn of your wrist
Your touch is something I can’t resist

Set me off like a firework
Put me out into the snow
Lay me in a puddle
Walk over me as you go

Rock my world with your every move
I’ll take any pain for the sake of you

Send me out into space
Bring me back to ground
Bite off my head if you like
Tossing feelings all around

Shake my world with your every word
I’ll be dizzy forever with you

We’re a mess but that’s okay with me
Our love’s a complex chemistry
Not nearly as perfect as symmetry
I’ll stay with you, just stay with me

“the stars” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 89 – 14Jan13
I can’t put a finger on it
I’m just so drawn to you
To just kiss your once
Would be a dream come true

I’ll hold my breath waiting
Until my face turns blue
I’ll black out in the street
Hope you come to my rescue

This night sky is full of stars
Let’s make this night ours
I don’t want the world
I just want to be in yours
Forget those other boys
Just be my girl

I want to show you
To go with you
To love you
Nothing can stop us tonight

I’ll take you by the hand
Just ask me to be there
You’re a mess of crazy
But that’s okay with me

Your heart’s been broken
Girl that’s an issue
Don’t cry a tear though
Here, have a tissue

Though you’ve done this before
You need to dance again
I’ll show you pretty girl
Let me be your better man
Forget those other nights
Just be mine tonight

I want to tell you
To be with you
To love you
Make the stars are ours tonight

I want to give you
To share with you
To love you
All the stars are ours tonight

“Christmas Wish” DarTy 88 – 14dec12
Winter time is not so nice
So cold full of snow and ice
I lay here alone again tonight
Without a girl to hold me tight

Another day, feeling like a lone fish
Hoping Santa will grant my Christmas wish
I smile outside but frown at my core
Could a girl like you knock at my door?

I only want one gift this year
Just a girl to share some cheer
I’m promise this year I’ve been good
So Santa, grant my wish, you should

Bring me a girl with long dark hair
A girl with her own style and flair
A real beauty for me to love
Like an angel from high above

Please Santa, are you listening?
Among the snow flakes so glistening?
Don’t let me empty handing once girl
For Christmas, please bring me a girl

“lone flower” ~broken kokoro~ DarTy 86 – 14Oct12
Outside on a warm day
The sun is out to play
All worries seem so far away
My drifts like the clouds above

I go back to that distant place
A sweet memory never to replace
That shining smile upon your face
My heart beats like a marching drum

If I could return to that time
When you hand first became mine
Oh how that would be do divine
I would confess my love to you

So many words
That should have be spoken
And yet here I lay
Alone a broken

You were my lone flower
Yet I lacked the power
In that fateful hour
Tears fell like a shower

In the snow in dark of day
The cold shall have its way
For here I will forever lay
Wishing upon the night stars

I close my eyes and slowly sigh
Questioning all the reason why
Why it could never be you and I
My tears are a puddle in my eyes

If only I had confessed my heart
If only I had played my part
Our love so beautiful like art
If I would have just spoken those words

You were my lone flower
Yet I lacked the power
In that fateful hour
Tears feel like a shower

You were my lone flower
Yet I held no strength
Now alone with no power
My love for you still remains

“beautiful flower” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 85 – 14Sep12
Each new day when I see the sun above the mountains
I think of my life without you and my eyes do tear
Then I remember you are laying next to me and I smile
I never want to lay my head any place but next to yours
You are my beautiful flower

When I confessed my feelings it was an amazing time
I was so lost, so confused, so in love, yet so shy
I didn’t know why but, I just panicked and pushed you away
My heart was filled with joy when I finally let you in
I’m glad I found you my beautiful flower

There are times when we argue and when the sun doesn’t shine
Sometimes we say things that shouldn’t be said and feelings are hurt
Even when things are perfect, I still look forward to a life with you
A simple apology is enough to empty my heart of all that pains
Let me embrace you once more my beautiful flower

It’s not always easy to find the confidence to do and say what’s right
Many things in life still have me lost; I’m glad I’m not alone
I believe when our hearts are one, that anything is possible
All I desire is for us to never give in to those negative emotions
Forever you are my beautiful flower

Your beauty will never fade in my eyes

“this year, and every year” ~anni no poem~ DarTy 84 ~ 7 Yr Anni – 14 Aug 12
Could I be so lucky?
Or is this meant to be?
Us together always
Is the only way it can be

Even more beautiful
Than a warm Summer day
When I see your smile
“Just perfect” is all I can say

I won’t drag my feet
I won’t grit my teeth
To miss you a single day
It to love you more the next

We are a suited pair
Sailing the ocean of life
I’ll be strong my dear
When it’s my turn to steer

I want to love you
Always hold you near
This year
And every year

How could this all be true?
Me living without you?
Even lost in this world
I knew I was meant to find you

Your warm heart keeps me warm
Each freezing Winter night
When I hear it beating
I know it will all be alright

I won’t shed a tear
I won’t have a fear
To miss you a single day
It to love you more the next

We are a matching set
Sailing the ocean of life
Just be strong my dear
When it’s your turn to steer

I want to love you
Always hold you near
This year
And every year

“a distant dream ~tooi yume~” ~poem~ DarTy 82 – 14Jun12
I awoke this morning
Hoping for the sun
A little bit of warm
For the day had begun

Greeted warmly my thought
Instead by rain was met
The world a dark mess
My morning none but wet

In my heart I knew
I looked unto the sky
If I could have that light
I would chase all my life

Life is so long I’ve heard
Counting by hours and days
Life is so short is seems
That’s the feeling that stays

I reached out my hand
Grasping air into a fist
In such a dramatic way
“All I want is this!”

Chasing, chasing, chasing you
I was all alone in this place
The dream was all that I knew
Would I ever discover it’s taste?

Wanting, wanting, wanting you
A continued search was my vow
What would I be if I found her?
I tried to find love not knowing how

Just as it begins
Each day must come to an end
Close my eyes one more
I will rise and start again

“Futari” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 81 – 14May12
Hold my hand
The sun is shining brightly
Aren’t you glad to be here?
Another day with the one I love
Just you and me

Talk to me
Your sweet words melt me
I couldn’t live a single day
Without you near my side
The sound of your voice

Listen to my heart
It beats strong and true
Just to know you
Has forever changed me
The love I feel inside

Two people together can make it work
Two people together can make it last
Two people together can make a home
Two people together can make a life

Know the truth
I will always miss you
Then just turn around
And pretend that I don’t
The feeling of your touch

Listen my love
I always want to know
Much more about you
So I’ll feel closer
The light inside your heart

Hold me tightly
The sun is setting lazily
Aren’t you glad to be near?
Another night with the one you love
Just you and me

“baby+pie” ~sweet poem~ DarTy 80 – 14Apr12
My baby, my honey,
My darling sweetie pie
So beautiful when you smile
Never wanna see ya cry

My baby, my lovely,
My precious cutie pie
I always wanna be with you
Never wanna say goodbye

My baby, my wifey,
My dreamy sugar pie
If we ever parted hands then
I think I would die

“IN A NAME” ~shiawase ai~ DarTy 79 – 21Mar12
D – Delightfully fun, yet sometimes shy
A – Always hellos, with never goodbyes
R – Rarely a mess, nor quick to dress
A – Asian girl, in a crazy world

T – Thoughtful heart; does her best
H – Hates pork; loves chicken breast
A – Applauses my cooking efforts

S – Stubborn at times, yet she tries
A – Angel inside, with a wild side
N – Nobody’s lover; the girl is mine (mine! mine!)
A – At my side; my closest friend
N – Nestle chocolate, isn’t at sweet as her
I – Ignoring me often when on her iPhone
K – Kicking in laughter with a tickle
O – One girl I can definitely depend on
N – No one I trust more; she knows my heart
E – Every day until my last breath.

“eye.kiss” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 78 – 14Feb12
I can hear it deep inside
Your voice is calling out
A single tear from your eye
A single hug and kiss goodbye

It’s you that I’m wanting every day
I can’t sleep without you at night
Let me be the one to take your pain away
I want to be the one to kiss your tears away

I can see it in your face
Your love is glowing warm
A single glance from eye
A single change in my mind

It’s you that I’m needing every day
I can’t breathe without you at night
Let me be the one to say it’s all OK
I want to be the one to chase your fears away

If I try I’ll see
A love there is waiting for me
A love deeper than a river’s wide
A heart of gold by my side

If you try you’ll see
A tender clumsy loving me
A sweet imperfect passionate ride
A heart of gold by your side

I hear
I see
I love
I need
I kiss

“the best” ~birthday poem~ Dara’s 28th Bday – 13Feb12
Baby I know you feel me
I feel you too
I love the way you look
I love the way you move

You look so good the way you stare
I wanna run my fingers through your hair
Tackle you from three steps away
I can see that you wanna play

I know you want it
So I’ll give it to you
All my love, my laughs
All my hugs and kisses too

You can’t deny
You love the way I put it down
I think it’s so cute
How you worry who’s around

If your hair’s a mess
It must have been fun
Hey baby I’m sorry
I’ll fix the bed when we’re done

Don’t forget to lock the door
Be careful not to fall to the floor
Keep it quiet while asking for more
Not that I care but I know you do

Be careful not to knock the board
And don’t say you won’t play please
You have enough in your hands
I’ll be easy when I move my piece

If you come to my Place
You know you’ll be screwed
I’ll cut ya a deal
Just don’t be rude

I wanna take a Chance
And clean out your Chest
Monopoly on the bed
With you in the best

Happy Birthday to my favorite mogul
Kiss kiss!

“Something New for Christmas” DarTy 76 – 26dec11
I would like to write a poem for you
That’s really what I want to do
I’d jot down a word or two
But I’ve just got too much to do

Santa brought me something good
Just like I knew he would
Something I really wanted–it’s great
And that is why this poem is late

I’ve been so busy with something new
Something way better than PS2
Up all night with Final Fantasy
Thank you for my PS3

“running” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 75 – 14Nov11
She screams, “Faster!”
We’re running again
Fools in this game
What are we to gain?

He hurries after
Reaching for her hand
We’ve been here before
When will it all end?

She stops to look back
Her love is still there
He looks into her eyes
His words echo through air

“From the first moment I knew,
There was no other than you.
You are a blessing from above.
I just want to feel your love.”

She smiled under the moonlight
A tear and a twinkle in her eye
His love was soft yet firm
To him she could never lie

“Love feels like magic
But doesn’t work like so.
We have to keep running
Until we are old.”

Together they were stronger
Than either of them alone
As long as they had each other
They had a place to call home

So they kept on running
Towards a new tomorrow
A new page to write their story
Without pain or sorrow

“day+night” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 74 – 14Oct11
Hello honey
Good morning my love
Another day has begun
A beautiful sunrise

Wake up honey
Open your eyes my love
Another day for us
A wonderful journey

We live
We love
We carry on
Another day is done

Sweet dreams honey
Good night my love
Another day has gone
A beautiful sunset

Sleep honey
Close your eyes my love
Another night for us
A wonderful couple

“crayz.dangerous.angel” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 73 – 14Aug11
Did it hurt, my love
When you fell from above?
I won’t lie
I’m a crayz kinda guy

And it’s crayz too
Just to be with you
Not crayz bad
Just crayz good
I wouldn’t change us
Even if I could
You’re what I want
And that’s crayz too
Crayz that I ever found you

It’s crayz sweet
And crayz true
Crayz in love
I’m a crayz fool

You taste like Heaven
But your looks can kill
You’re a dangerous angel
Too good to be real
(This blinding love is all I feel)

You’re like the words
On the tip of my tongue
You’re like the bullets
In a loaded gun
(Is it too late to save me?)

You’re dangerous girl
And that much is true
It’s a dangerous world
But I’m in love with you

Did it hurt, my love
When you picked up the pieces?
It takes time
To mend a broken heart

I’m fallin’ down, spinnin’ ’round
Fallin’ down, spinnin’ ’round (in your arms)
Fallin’ down, spinnin’ ’round (on your heart)
Hold me close before I lose it all

I cannot stand it
For sure it’s true
I never want to be
Without you

It’s crayz simple
Crayz is this
It’s not having you
Around to kiss

My beautiful dangerous angel
Dancing across the stage of my heart

“the reason” ~anni no poem~ DarTy 72 ~ 6 Yr Anni – 14 Aug 11
I want to know how you feel inside
To make you giggle like a child
You used to be the reason I cried
Now you’re the reason I smile

I’m laying here
So close to you
You’re laying there
Close to me too

Who is this girl?
Who is this boy?
How in the world
Did we find joy?

We must have something good
To still be together
We made something great
That will last forever

My love, my angel, my friend
I remember days in my past
When I couldn’t hold your hand
When I felt I wouldn’t last

I didn’t know what to feel inside
What we were, when all the while
You used to be the reason I cried
Now you’re the reason I smile

This feeling of love that was so new
I didn’t want you to go
Just one touch and I knew
You’d always be my home

I’m standing here
And you’re here too
Let me hold you near
Aishiteru ~ with you

I won’t always get how you feel inside
And sometimes I may act like a child
You used to be the reason I cried
Now you’re the reason I smile

The reason for laughter
The reason for truth
The reason for tomorrow
The reason is you

“thoughts” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 70 – 14 Jun 11
Can happiness shine?
Can sorrow fade?
Kiss me one more time
My thoughts float away

Be it a distant place
Or a far-off time
Sorrow can fade
Happiness can shine

“good night” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 69 – 14May11
Hold me tight
Turn out the light
This is our night
Let’s do this right

Don’t pretend like this is your first
It’s always better after the worst
Let go–give into your thirst
Play my hot little nurse

Turn up the sound
Close and lock the door
There’s no one around
Let’s take a tour

It’s top and bottom
It’s bottom and top
I can feel your heart
Beating, beating a lot

From the bed to the floor
There is no surrender
Still wanting some more
Your skin so tender

Watch out for the chair
Careful of that lamp
There’s a table of there
This rug feels damp

That look in your eyes
I’ve seen it before
Wrapped in your thighs
Muscles feeling sore

It’s front and back
It’s back and front
I can feel your heart
Beating, beating a lot

I’ll hold your tight
You’re in my sight
This is so right
Kiss you goodnight

“once more” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 68 – 14Apr11
Each day is different
Each day is the same
I look forward to seeing your face
I look forward to having your embrace

My beautiful woman
My sweet smelling flower
Your petite frame sways in the breeze
Your tender lips are such a tease

You’re all I want to dream about

Can you feel my heart?
Can you read my thoughts?
My glass is overflowing
So full of your love, love

Can you see my smile?
Can you know my pain?
My world is always spinning
So full of your love, love

This life is long
This life is short
I place my trust in you
I place my faith in too

My wonderful girl
My glowing gentle star
Your lovely voice gifts your song
Your soft hands carry us along

You’re all I want to dream about

Before we say goodbye once more
Leave me with a moist kiss with
A passionate “I Love You”
Then surrender yourself to the cold

Though it’s tough to be alone
We will always have the phone
Please leave a message at the tone
Forever my heart you own

“Together, Forever” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 67 – 15Mar11
Walking alone under the moon
Sleeping way past noon
Chillin’ in my room
My own personal tomb

We used to be apart
I didn’t know your heart
Couldn’t say who you were
Who knew you were her?

Slowly and then
Slowly and then

I don’t know why
Who can say why?
It took so much time
But I don’t mind

We changed everything
Saying goodbye to nothing
Those days are long ago
Now you’re all I know

I’m here with you
Just here with you

“grateful” ~birthday poem~ Dara’s 27th Bday – 13Feb11
Slowly we walk
You touch my hand once again
And I know
I never want to walk alone

A sweet day just full of you
Is more than I could ever ask for
Even if we were apart
I could still feel your heart

Another busy day at work
What I look forward to most
Is holding you in my arms
At the end of the day

I used to think
Your heart is like a distant star
If only I could reach it
Then I would know only happiness

I used to feel
My heart was a closed iron door
No one would even reach it
But you came and proved me wrong

Thank you
Is hard to explain
Without using all the same words
That won’t stop me though

Just saying “I love you”
Will never be enough
Be it a kiss or a hug
I always want to show you

I’m so glad to have found you
More than anything
I’m simply grateful to be here for you

“cold” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 65 – 14Jan11
Come closer my love
I’m waiting for you
Come near to my heart
It’s yearning for you

I want to touch you
To feel your heat
I want to hold you
To hear your heart

If I let go
This I’m afraid
You will slip away
So far away

If you go
This I’m sure
I’ll only be cold
Just frozen here

My light
My sun
My heart
My one

I need you here
I just need you here

“Christmas Again” ~shiawase no poem~ DarTy 64 – 25Dec10
Snow’s on the ground
Cheer’s all around
It’s that time
Time to give

Kisses and Hugs
Whether yours or chocolate
Fill my heart with a
Delicious happiness

Extra special feelings
Once-a-year traditions
It’s the time we spent together
That makes the Holidays special

It’s Christmas time
Let’s do it again!
All that Holiday rhyme
That’ll make our world spin, spin, spin
Now, now, baby hey, hey
What more can I say?
Ya know, ya know,
I love, love, love you so
So much more than I can say
And it’ll always be that way

Now sweet baby it’s cool
For Christmas, all I need is you
But a gift, or two
Would be nice too ;)
Here in my sight
You are my light
I’m feeling alright
Just wanna a drink, tonight
Baby what you think?
Some Sweet Red in a glass
Then let’s TOAST IT UP!
And let the time pass
It’s Christmas again
Let’s hold nothing back!

Snow’s on the ground
Cheer’s all around
It’s that time
Time to give

Friends and family
Together once more
Gathering around
While Santa comes to town

It’s Christmas Eve now
So open up a smile
And pass the cookies
Let’s all by full and jolly

It’s Christmas time
Let’s sing a score!
All that Holiday rhyme
That’ll make us want more, more, more

“blur (spinning)” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 63 – 14Nov10
Good morning my love
Or is it “good day”?
My head is spinning
So I can’t tell either way

Come closer to me
Catch me if I fall
Or to laugh instead
Knowing I’m clumsy and all

If the world’s a circus
Then you’re the best attraction
If it’s all just a game
Then you’re my hot PlayStation

Each day is a new amusement
We swing out and come back again
My whole world’s a blur with your love
Please let these feelings never end

Life goes round like the shape of a ring
Your love is never too much of a good thing

You can hold my heart
While I stand in line
Be here night and day
Whether sky rain or sun shine

Wearing a fun smile
My excitement grows
I have confidence
That our park will never close

If the world’s a puzzle
Then you’re the best solution
If it’s all just a mess
Then you’re my main addiction

I won’t get sick on the coaster
Just let me hold onto your hand
My whole world’s dizzy screaming love
Please let this sweet ride never end

It’s all a blur when my heart does sing
Your love is never too much of a good thing

“A dReam under the Sky” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 62 – 14Oct10
Can you believe it?
It’s another day
Under the bright blue skies

Together again
Time passes us by
It’s out of my control

I know some may say
It’s a fading dream
Just don’t buy their sad lies

Arms stretched out wider than the sky
One look from you would be enough to die
In happiness as we let time slip by
I only want to remain here at your side

Can you believe it?
It’s another night
Under the starry skies

Embracing again
A cold wind outside
There’s nothing I can do

I know you have doubts
That all things must end
Not with the gift we hold

Arms stretched out under a moon so full
There’s so much in life to share with you
Including all that pain you travel through
I only want to remain here in your view

The sun is so far
And yet we still feel it
A star so distant
Do you think we can touch it?

Close your eyes tonight
Only to dream once more

“a bad dream” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 61 – 14Sep10
Where are you my love?
Where are you my dear?
I cannot feel
I cannot hear
The heat of your heart
The soul of your tear
When you are not close
When you are not near

Why am I blind?
Why can I not see
The person you are
The one that I need?

I’m taking small steps
So to never stand still
I’m holding my breath
With hope to find your still

Why can’t I find you?
How can this be?
This could never be true
Did you really leave me?

All I do now is cry
In frustration and sorrow
I couldn’t care less
For another tomorrow

But now my head is foggy
But now my eyes are blurry
It’s the vision of a light
The end of a long night

At last it is through
And I’m laying next to you
I want to let out a scream
Thankful it was only a bad dream

Only a bad dream

“Until the Day I Die” ~poem of proposal~ DarTy 60 -5 Year Anni- 14Aug10
I cannot promise you
Always sunny days and blue skies
I cannot promise you
Won’t drop tears from your eyes

I cannot promise you
We’ll always be the same
I cannot promise you
A lifetime without pain

I cannot promise you “never”
But I can promise you this:

I will always want you
Here right by my side
Every day from now till then
Until the day I die

I will always hold you
Even if we fight
Kiss you each day with love
Until you feel alright

I cannot promise you the world
I can only promise my heart
I cannot promise I’ll never fail
I can only promise that I’ll start

I cannot promise you forever
I can only promise you my life
Every day I will love you
Until the day I die

“magic” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 59 – 14Jul10
May I have all of your time?
All of your days?
I only want you to stay, stay, stay

May I stand outside your door?
Wait in your line?
I don’t want to wait, wait, wait

Your love is magic
It’s the spark that ignites
My love for you
Touching my skin
Making me grin
I just want you again and again

May I fill all of your heart?
All of your thoughts?
I only want to be yours, yours, yours

May I kiss away your tears?
Know all of your pain?
I can’t be your reason why, why, why

You’re love is magic
It’s the sun the brightens
My smile for you
Embracing me again
Making me grin
I just want you again and again

“patch it up” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 58 – 14Jun10
My girl
I just want to say
is sweet like cake
Her love
fills me up everyday
please don’t be late

And I know sometimes
I’m not right
Even when I think I am
And I know other times
I make it hard on you
Even though I don’t mean too

Well, baby just think
If our love was a boat
Would you want it to float?
Not heavy and sink
Down into the drink?

We’re not perfect, no
Nobody’s that way
You know I love you girl
And I’m here to stay
No matter what happens
I just want to say

I’d rather patch it up
Than let it fall apart
It’s impossible to pick up
The pieces of a broken heart

I’d rather hold on tight
Than ever let this go
I know we’ll be alright
If only we make it so

Spend the time
We’ll be fine
Baby girl
Dry your eye
I’m so sorry
I made you cry…

You forgive me and
I forgive you
Don’t you know baby
That’s what lovers should do?

I know that’s it hard
But baby you know, that

I’d rather patch it up
Than let it fall apart
It’s impossible to pick up
The pieces of a broken heart

I’d rather hold on tight
Than ever let this go
I know we’ll be alright
If only we make it so

“change is” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 57 – 14May10
Each new morning when I wake
I can’t wait to see her face
Tell the Sun that night can wait
I need more time in this place

How can I express?
How can I find words to say?
How can I explain?
How she makes me feel this way?

Her honey eyes and soft lips
Her cute nose and sexy kiss
Her strong heart and gentle face
Her wild hair and warm embrace
Who is this girl that came into my life?

I used to feel so alone
No happiness inside my head
I used to not have a home
No place to lay my weary head

That was before things changed
Before she came and shook my heart
That was before I changed
Before she taught me how to start

Before I think once, I’ll try to think twice
Before I slip up, I’ll take her advice
Before I jump first, I’ll try a new plan
Before I give up, I’ll do it again

She is the one who brought changes
She is the one who opened my eyes
She is the one who made me feel
She is the one who made love real

Now she is the only one I can blame
I know that I can never be the same
All that I feel is so hard to describe
Can be I be here forever by her side?

“The Ways I Love You” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 53 – 14Feb10
Baby you know
I love you I do
How many ways to say
Baby I love you?

I can say it with my eyes
When I see you in the morning
Before the sunrise
When you’re tired and yawning

You roll over, and over me
That’s when I get to see your face
You hold me, still sleepy
I know this is my only place

I can say it with my lips
Holding you under a sky so clear
Lean in to give you a kiss
And whisper my feelings into your ear

Baby you feel
You feel what I do
How many ways to show
Baby I love you?

I can show it with my smile
Knowing that you feel the same
We’ll embrace for a while
Only you are to blame

All this love we feel
I never had this before
So beautiful and real
You are my one and only girl

I can show it with my hands
With everything I do for us
All of our daily plans
It’s in your that I trust

Baby it’s so
You know that it’s true
It’s impossible to count
The Ways I Love You

“a year…a lifetime” ~birthday poem~ Dara’s 26th Bday – 13Feb10
This is a birthday poem I’m writing for you
A brand new poem for a year brand new

A year together with you, I shout
Is better than a lifetime without
I will not pout
I have no doubt
This love is so true
Like a sky colored blue
You are my full moon
And I’m your cartoon

I’ll shout, I’ll pound, I’ll dance it out!
A year with you is better than I lifetime without
Let’s sing this song
All year long!

Without your love
The world would be dull
No life to it
No color at all

Yes, this poem is random with no structure
But, it was so much fun to conjure
And after typing this up I must admit
I had to Google search and spell check it

I’ll take that time
You know I like it right
Now come closer
Let me hold you tight


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“On a Cold January Day” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 53 – 14Jan10
Can you touch?
Can you feel?
I wanna be real

Not that person you knew in a dream
I wanna be a player on your team

Do you know?
Do you see?
I’m the one for you baby

Not just any man who’ll pass you by
I’m gonna be the one by your side

This is my life
You are my love
Life and Love
Now together

Hold my hand and make my world better
Your love makes me float like a feather
Hold my tightly and never let go
Feel my love come rain or snow

I wore a frown
And you turned me around
You dropped a tear
And I held you near

You try to read me but I’m a thick book
Girl you had me fallin’ with just one look

Dance with me and bring a kiss my way
There’s no more “should I go or stay?”

Girl this is love
But it’s hard to explain
I do my best
Yet you still cry in pain

Sometimes things are good
Sometimes they’re bad
We’re still together though
Honey aren’t you glad?

I wear a frown from day to day
You wipe all your tears away
We try our best, our best to stay
Together here on a cold January day

“My First” ~Christmas ai no poem~ DarTy 52 – 25Dec09
My first Christmas with you
And I just wanna say
That love on your face
Grows brighter every day

I wanna hold you, my sweet
And do things for you
I wanna be the one
Who’ll be there for you
The one you think of when things get tough
The one you run to when things get rough

I’m your man and
I’ll do what I can
To be there for you
And take a stand

Day by day
Every way
I’ll take a step in the right direction
It’s gonna take lots of dedication
To walk a path
To make a change
The plans, the pains
The gifts, the gains
But we can do it
I know this for sure
All we need is faith to make it
Let love be our cure

It’s my first Christmas
And I just wanna see
That smile on your face
Growing when you’re with me

Wrap your arms around me babe
And let your soft lips say
“I love you” just once more
We’re together again this day

It’s my first Christmas
And here I am with you
Now we get to live
In in our dream come true

I ain’t down with a beat
All I need is the rhyme
There’s joy in the air
It’s Christmas time!

DarTy 52 Haiku 14Dec09
This poem is to say
To confess that I’m sorry
Your poem will be late

“With You” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 51 – 14Nov09
This way my love
Come take my hand
Let’s step into
A wonderland

A place where it’s just you and me
A place where our love can be free

Why stand when we can hug?
Why walk when we can run?

Dancing on the sea
Kiss under the moon
Feeling your touch on me
I’m forever yours too

Won’t tell those lies
Be only true
Just stay with me
I’ll stay with you

I promise to stay by your side
These feelings I can never hide

Why think when we can wish?
Why wait when we can kiss?

Breath your sweet taste
This is our place
I never want to erase
The look of love on your face

It’s time that flies
And this is true
Just stay with me
I’ll stay with you

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“dream” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 50 – 14Oct09
Even when you’re here next to me
Why do I still dream of you?
Are dreams something elusive?
Something we can only pursue?

Every night when I kiss you
Your warmth next to me I feel
I close my eyes once again
It’s hard to believe this is real

Each new day when I see your face
I want to ask you to stay
Can I always be with you?
And not miss you each new day?

I look into your pretty eyes
Do you know what you have done?
My dreams have faded away
You have become my only one

So once more just hold me tonight
Embrace my heart until the morning light
Keep me safely under your sight
Let our love continue to shine so bright

It’s ok if you’re just a dream
As long as you stay here with me

“Here I am (on a day that is sunny)”
~ai no poem~ DarTy 49 – 14Aug09
Here I am
Sitting in your room
Thinking up a poem
To send to you

Here I am
Typing all alone
Wishing you were here
With me at home

Here I am
With love in my heart
I promise next time we hug
I’ll hold in my fart

Here I am
On a day that is sunny
Waiting impatiently
To hug my cute Dara honey

Here I am
One again on the 14th
I’m thinking of you
Still dreaming of me

“Watashi no Shining Star”
DarTy Four Year Anniversary – 14Aug09
anata no mirai
Change you felt when you met me
watashi no mirai
Change I felt that made me see

There’s many stars in the sky
But you’re the only one for me
So many stars above our hearts
But you’re the only one I see

anata no smiles for me
That show your truth so lovely
Watashi no eyes you see
That show my love truthfully

There’s so many stars in the sky
Way up high — Up in the sky
But you’re the only one that shines
So brightly — My shining star

anata no mirai
It’s for your and it’s for me
watashi no mirai
futari kiss you softly

My heart is crying out for you
Your Touch, Your Taste,
Your Smell, Your Face
I’m crying alone in this place

A thousand tears you will see
To fill the space in between
Then I’ll swim across this sea
And wrap my love around you

I want to hold onto this
Your love is never too far
Do you want to feel my kiss?
watashi no shining star

Forever my Love, You are,
Watashi no Shining Star

“tonight” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 46 – 14Jun09
We stay up late on the phone
Cursing all these damn time zones
When all I really want
Is to be closer to you
To reach out and hold you
To touch you and see you
But again, not

So I’m just sitting here
Dreaming of your hand
Oh how much I miss that touch
Every time I see you waving goodbyes
I know your heart wants to cry
And so does mine
So does mine

I take a few breaths…
And I try to feel fine
Then I take a few steps…
And I try not to cry
Again this time
Not again this time

Babe, you know it’s been a long, long road
And I know
Every night’s followed by a tomorrow
And I wish
Somehow I could see your face
Somehow I could be in your place
Because loneliness is inside me
It’s a crime that you’re not beside me

So as long as this pain don’t kill me
I’ll be alright
In the morning the Sun will shine
Once again

“me&you” ~ai no rap poem~ DarTy 45 – 14May09
Happiness is when you’re close to me
Holding you is like a luxury
I feel excited when you look at me
It all began when you spoke to me

But it’s not ’bout me, it’s you
Aishiteru and I need you too
Did I mention that I miss you?
I love it when you say “I love you too”

How many ways can I count the days?
Too many numbers, too many ways

And so in my heart you will stay
And by your side my head will lay
For all the days beyond today
Til all our days are yesterdays

I love you

“To: Mom” ~birthday poem~ 12Mar09
I look up into the sky
It’s so blue and so high
I look out into the sea
They remind me of your love for me
Endless and True
A perfect shade of Blue

I feel like the land of this Earth
And you are my sky- you are my sea
Always with me since my birth
You protected me from everything

And though I’m walked over each day
Your comforting words say, “It’s ok,”
“You stay strong and keep your pace
Then someday you will find your place.”

Your words of wisdom were never shy
Your rules were to the letter
And through all the tears I’ve made your cry
I know a Mom no better

And I know at times I can be a bother
But then again so can you
So to show my love
I’ve written above
From my heart to you

“I wanna Love (Dear My Angel part II)” ~ai no R&B poem~ DarTy 43 – 14Mar09
(Chorus = fast)
I wanna Touch you, Taste you, Be With you
I wanna Hug you, Kiss you, Lay with you
I wanna See you, Hear you, Stay with you
I wanna Love ya,
I wanna Love

(Verse 1 = slow)
You’re the girl that I’ve been waiting for, oh so long
All this love I’ve been holding inside, never be gone
I wanna sing my song, even if it’s the same old tune
You know I can go on and on about this love
It’s all for you love, just all for our love

(Chorus = fast)
I wanna Touch you, Taste you, Be With you
I wanna Hug you, Kiss you, Lay with you
I wanna See you, Hear you, Stay with you
I wanna Love ya,
I wanna Love

(Bridge = fast)
The days will go and the nights will pass
The years will fly by in a flash
But our love- will last~
We’ll push and pull and sometimes fight
We’ll laugh and cry and be alright
But our love- will shine~
Itsumo shine~

(softly spoken)
It will shine, my love
And stay shinning forever
Here, in my heart
Where I keep all the memories
So precious, and locked away
With you, my dear
The only one with a key
To open up, this part of me
I’ll keep you safe, inside of me
I give my all for you

(Chorus = fast)
I wanna Touch you, Taste you, Be With you
I wanna Hug you, Kiss you, Lay with you
I wanna See you, Hear you, Stay with you
I wanna Love ya,
I wanna Love

(spoken whisper)
I want your love. I need your love.
Don’t fly away, my angel
Don’t ever go away

“Dear My Angel” ~shiawase no rap poem~
DarTy 42 x Dara’s 25th – 14Feb09

Shiawase for me, is you closely
Holding you tightly and itsumo
Never want to let you go
No girl, never want to let you go

If I could see you, then I would be with you
If I could hear you, then I would feel you
If I could touch you, then I would hold you
If I could love you, then could you love me too?

The message you send
Your heart cries again
But I’m too far away, to say
“You’re my fragile flower
My blossomed beauty
And you mean so much to me
Be the light that bathes me”

Dear My Angel,
You’ll always be my angel

Loving you gently, my baby
Knowing you’ll never say to stop
Atop this hill of stress, it’s best
To have a partner in crime
A dime, isn’t worth a cent
Without the love, that is yours and mine
Our time is now, and now is fine
With you by my side, my pride and joy
You’re my girl, and I’ll be your boy

I give all that I give and try all that I try
Live or die, low or high, by and by
I still want to be with you
The one who’s love is true
That’s what we like, Can they feel it?
That’s who we are, Can’t they see this?
I’ll be what I gotta be, for me
And I’ll do what I gotta do, for you

This life isn’t all rainbows and sun shines
It’s decisions and tough times
Girl, you know I’ll show, I’ll be there for you
Red or blue, it’s true, we’ll compromise
I’ll never do you wrong, never tell you lies
‘Cuz you’re too good for that and
I wanna be good to you, good for you
Be with you, through the smiles and the tears
Together for years, I’ll kiss away your fears
And share your pain, so you’ll never be alone again

If I could see you, then I would be with you
If I could hear you, then I would feel you
If I could touch you, then I would hold you
If I could love you, then could you love me too?

The message you send
Your heart cries again
But I’m too far away, to say
“You’re my fragile flower
My blossomed beauty
And you mean so much to me
Be the light that bathes me”

Dear My Angel,
You’ll always be my angel
Zutto itsumo
Never let you go

“Heart” ~aka inku de tegami~ DarTy 41 – 14Jan09
My Heart’s beating

Don’t stop breathing
You’re worth meeting
That’s why I have to go
My Heart’s shaking
I’m not faking
Yours for the taking
This is me when I’m with you

Here’s my Love–It’s true
My kisses–For you
And my Heart–It’s true
It’s all just for you

And my Heart–It’s true
My all just for you

“My Hole Heart” ~poem of missing you~ DarTy 40 – 14Dec08
Can you see it clearly?
Can you see it my love?
Deep inside of me?
There’s a hole in my heart
From how we’re apart

This place deep in me
Is where I used to keep
The missing pieces of you
Your love I still seek
But I’m afraid I’ve lost
Some tears along the way

I’ve done my best to hold a smile
But all the while
Been living with this darkened place
This empty space I feel deep within
You are the sun that shines for me
The stars that light my dimming hope

Someday I know you’ll see
Then fill this hole inside of me

“Ai Yakusoku” ~ai no poem/song~ DarTy 39 – 14Nov08
Day and night, Night and day
I’m Ok, but I’m-
I’m still alone and I’m still missing you
If only you could just,
Take my hand and fly away into the night
We can say our goodbyes in the morning
And you would
Take~ me, just Take~ me (away)
Somewhere far yet closer to you
(and) Take~ me, just Take~ me
So I can be right there beside you
Then we’ll never part again, it’s true
Ai Yakusoku

When you hold my hand,
Can you see it in my eyes? That I’d-
I’m rather die than have to miss you
If only I could just,
Take your hand and fly away in morning light
We can save our goodbyes for another day
And I would
Take~ you, just Take~ you (away)
Somewhere our hearts could be happy
(and) Take~ you, just Take~ you
So you can be the love inside me
Then we’ll never part again, it’s true
Ai Yakusoku

It’s true
Ai Yakusoku~

“Missing You” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 38 – 14Oct08
I wanna tell you from my heart
For the words are to hard to say
This feeling I hold inside
Has always been too much to hide
I’m Missing You

I think about you all the time
And cry sometimes when I’m alone
Missing you so much I could die
To say otherwise would be a lie
I’m Missing You

To live in this world isn’t easy
Nor is it often fun
But to quit trying would be a sin
And I never want to lose my dreams again
I’m Missing You

Our everydays only last so long
For a peaceful night must always follow
Though chance might say our love may fade
My precious time with you I would never trade
I’m Missing You

The grass grow green as the day goes blue
Some things in life we can always believe in
Don’t let your memories dry away
We belong to make the new someday
I’m Missing You

Waiting was only part of the plan
I’m sorry for all I haven’t done
I want to take the sadness we feel
And embrace you tightly so it’ll heal
I’m Missing You

Can’t you see it clearly now babe?
Out two hearts are shining love

“I Still Do” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 37 – 14Sep08
Long ago when we first met I knew it was true
That I couldn’t see myself living life without you
And though today I’ve yet to tell you so, I Still Do

Hold on tightly to those feelings we shared before
The love we have now is just as strong, and more
Even in a cold world living in the snow
We can stay warm together, letting our love grow

You’re the only one who knows the real me
You saw past the weaknesses in my sad story
Opening up to show me the truth in you
And all the strength I’ve carried for so long, I Still Do

You’re more than just my love, you’re my closest friend
I would do anything to be with you until the end
Though we sometimes disagree over silly little things
I know in my heart, we’ll be alright
And there’s no where I’d rather be than with you tonight

It’s ok. It’s alright. I’ll sleep just fine tonight
Knowing the one I love is there missing me too
And it’s ok. It’s alright. I’m sure the Sun’ll shine
Reminding me of the time I first confessed my love to you
And thought today I’ve yet to tell you so, I Still Do

Long ago I held you close and whispered these words to you
“Babe, I never what to let you go.”
And though it hurts to go on living, I Still Do
For you, I Still Do
I Still Do

“~ untitled ~” (a song to Dara)
DarTy Three Year Anniversary – 14Aug08

Life is a mess and I’m feeling mixed up
At times like this, I have to hold my fists tight
Decisions are certainly difficult
But I never want to turn back
The old me was erased long ago
By the long hands of unforgiving Time
When I’m feeling alone, as I mostly do
I think about you and I think about us
Then I dream about our future together
But dreaming isn’t enough to make it come true

Soon we’ll open a new chapter in our life together
And babe, I don’t want to give it a name
Let us leave our Love Story untitled
We don’t have to define ourselves with a set of words
Let’s live our love happy and free
That’s how I want to write this Story
Two hearts with one pen
Pouring our souls out onto an open page
Yeah, that’s how it should be

My heart’s a mess and I’m feeling confused
At times like this, I have to be determined
I cannot let myself become weak
Knowing my baby depends on me
If I chose only one reason to keep going
Know from my heart that it would be you
More than anything, I belong with you
You are my happiness and you are my hope
All of my faith is for your and for us
Look into these eyes of blue and see the truth

Soon we’ll open a new chapter in our life together
And babe, I don’t want to give it a name
Let us leave our Love Story untitled
We don’t have to define ourselves with a set of words
Let’s live our love happy and free
That’s how I want to write this Story
Two hearts with one pen
Pouring our souls out onto an open page
Yeah, that’s how it should be

Girl, this feeling that I have for you
Aishiteru, it’s true, with you
I feel, like I’ve never felt before
My kokoro, I just, don’t know
Always, what to do or what to say
Dakishimete, I’ll love you ev’ry day
And never let you go
Sarang, hae yo, ya know?

One day we’ll be together again
One day, someday, soon
Hold your faith tight babe
And keep your head high
You know and I know, it’ll all be alright

We’ll write this Love Story together
Just like we have all along
We can survive any rough weather
And then turn this into a song

“Wishing For You” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 35 – 14Jul08
In my times of struggle
There are many times I’ve almost quit
Living can be such a challenge
And we all know how unfair the world can be

In my time of loneliness
There’s a light that shines through my window
It’s a warm light full of love
Oh, what would I do without you in my life?

I never want to give up on you
Let’s never give up on us
I never want to let this feeling go
Let’s never let go of hope

Babe, my heart’s wishing for you
I’m here always, always, wishing for you
Wishing we wre shomewhere else
Together I wouldn’t have to live with this truth
That all I can do…
Is continue wishing for you

You’re just like a dream my Love
A beautiful dream I know to be true
A glorious dream I never want to wake from

I knew it was true when I held you that first time
I tasted love when I kissed your tender lips
And was carried away from all of my pain

Please wait for me
I’ll wait for you
You’re never in this alone
My heart’s here wishing with you

“A Spring Day” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 34 – 14Jun08
Can you feel my love
Even though I’m far away?
Could you fly like a dove
If I were to kiss you today?

Can you feel my touch
Even though I’m shy inside?
Could you miss me so much
If I were there by your side?

I want to do more than
Just live in your memory
I want to be with you and
Give you every piece of me

I want to be the one you run to
When the world is too much to bare
I’ll bring hope back to you
And I will always be there

“Inside of Me” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 33 – 13May08
The future may never be clear
But we cannot live with our hearts in fear
I feel it in my soul when you are near
All my worries and fears disappear

You know, my love for you is stronger than the miles
Maybe tomorrow I can be there by your side

It pains me on the inside, sharply
More than I feel you know
I’m crying on the inside, sadly
More than I’ll ever show

And even though it’s more than I can say to you
Just look into my eyes, and you’ll see that it’s true
It pains me on the inside~

I know you’re hurting there alone
So I’ll call you on the phone
Then do my best till you feel better
Though happiness won’t last forever

Even if I wished on the stars so bright
I still couldn’t be with you tonight
It’s so heartbreaking, making
Me feel useless and shaken

You know, my love for you is stronger than the miles
Maybe tomorrow I can be there by your side

It pains me on the inside, sharply
More than I feel you know
I’m crying on the inside, sadly
More than I’ll ever show

And even though it’s more than I can say to you
Just look into my eyes, and you’ll see that it’s true
It pains me on the inside~

I fight each day to be strong for you
You know this isn’t easy for me to tell you
Please hold me now, I’m feeling weak
You’re the only one in this world who understands me

These feelings are on the inside of me
Can’t keep them on the inside of me…

“A Moment” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 32 – 14Apr08
Every Winter is follow by Spring
And the Sun will come after it rains
Even on the cloudiest of days
I know we’ll see the stars again

Some things in Life are just that way
Predictable and dependable so
Those things are some of my favorites
Like the feeling of a soft kiss

Simple things are so beautiful
But sadly often are overlooked
Like out last missed sunset
It’s color upon a sad windy sky

I’ll slowly gaze into your eyes
And for that moment, Time will sigh
Sitting silently we’ll dare not move

Waiting to catch out breaths once more

“Touch” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 31 – 14Mar08
Baby, your touch excites me
If you wanna see me fall
Just come over and push me
I want to give you my all

Baby, you touch is something
That I cannot live without
I want your everything
Show me what you’re all about

Give to me all of your love
And never give up on it
I’ll do the same from above
We can go to our limit

“Promise You” (a song to Dara)
Dara’s Birthday – 14Feb08

The road stretches out endlessly in front of me
And I’m not sure which way will lead me to you
I’ll pretend you are the sun and start running
Maybe I can reach you before you set tonight

Me eyes are always open searching for you
Even when I cannot see you, I’m not quick to lose hope
I know you’re love is always here with me when I believe

Believe in You Believe in Me Believe in Possibility
Always keep inside your heart all of my love
I’ll be forever waiting for you here
In the place where our hearts meet
Someday I know we’ll be together
Until then I can only Promise You ~ Ai no kotoba

Remember that night when the moon shined down on us
You were there to hold me with your warm embrace
We held hands together while slowly walking
Did you know that I only wanted to be with you

My eyes don’t want to be full of tears for you
Even when I worry about you, I don’t quickly lose faith
You won’t have to fear for tomorrow when you believe

Believe in You Believe in Me Believe in Opportunity
I always keep inside my heart all of your love
I’ll never stop waiting for you here
In the place where our hearts meet
Someday I know we’ll be together
Until then I can only Promise You ~ Ai no uta

The love you’ve given me lives on inside of me
Every step that I take brings me close to you, I know
Now I never want to close my eyes again
Standing by your side is better than any dream

Someday soon I know we’ll be together
When they day comes let us never part
Until then I can only Promise You ~ Yurushite

“When You’re Gone” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 29 – 14Jan08
I woke up early this morning
Rolling over, I looked to my side
But you were not there again today

Even though I know you’re far away again
My heart just won’t let you go
Your smell still lingers upon my pillow

Tiny strands of hair I find by surprise
And the cute notes you tried to hide
It’s the little things that make me miss you even more

Can I help it if my heart breaks when you’re gone?
I suppose I’ll try to smile all the same

On the inside I know I’ve changed
It hurts to feel so alone again
Foolish me to forget the feeling

My love, forgive me for my sorrows
The day of our tomorrow is soon, I know
Would is be a waste to count the sunsets?

I don’t want to be fearful of the future
Let’s do our best to stand behind our decisions
In this life, we can’t avoid such uncertainties

Can I help it if my heart fears when you’re gone?
I suppose I’ll try to smile all the same

If you hold my hand, I’ll hold onto yours
Looking into your eyes, I’ll hold back tears
Can you embrace me saying everything will be ok?

Just hearing words from you
I can believe in their truth
I won’t doubt you like I do myself

Look up into the night sky
Can you see our star this time?
With hope, it will always be there

And even when you’re gone, can this heart still love?
Even if I try to smile, it’s just not the same

“So Wonderful” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 28 – 14Dec07
Something that started out small
once was not at all, a tiny little ball of emotions.
Turned into something large
now it’s huge, as great as my love for you.
It’s good! It’s sweet!
This feeling I have
It’s fun! It’s crazy!
This life that we live
It’s so wonderful ~
Before meeting you,
Love was only in my dreams.
You know that I’ve never done this before.
Without you I’d be alone in the world.
Even though it’s hard, let’s keep love going strong.
We’ll fight through the pain
We’ll clean up the tears
After the struggle, we can always snuggle.
ooooh ooooh ~
Together, me and you ~
It’s so wonderful,
Our truth ~

“Remember” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 27 – 14Nov07
I remember how you smiled for me
the single tears that turned into streams
the day we touched, then sadly parted
the way I felt before Love started

I remember the look in your eyes
the sorrow of such sudden goodbyes
the day you said we’d be together
the promise I made for forever

Even if you were to leave today
I would remember your Love always
Though the day we share may come to end
In time I know I’ll see you again

Please hear my heart and know it be true
I don’t want to live Life without You

“Believe” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 26 – 14Oct07
Girl, You know I love you
I want to be there for you
in everything you say and do

Just believe in your heart
Then nothing can tear us apart

Even in the dark
I’m still feeling you
in everything I say and do
Girl, don’t be afraid
My love is here to stay

Just keep faith in your heart
Then no one can tear us apart

Even in the dark
I’m still there with you
in everything you say and do

Girl, don’t worry
I’ll be there for you
To light up your day
I’ll catch you when you fall
You’re no burden at all

Just believe in your heart
Then nothing can tear us apart

Even in the dark
Your smile lights up my heart
Girl, I’ll always be with you
I know your love is true

“Laugh&Smile” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 25 – 14Sep07
Don’t be afraid to take that first Step
That’s what I wanted to tell Myself
It took me a while to hear that Voice
It took me too long to make that Choice
But soon I knew my love was True
I could see the truth inside of You
And I grabbed your hand, I took that Chance
Together we’ll do the endless Dance
We can touch all the stars in the Sky
Like a dream we can believe and Fly
with our amber colored wings we’ll Soar
Have you ever felt this way Before?

Let’s play together under the Sun
Let’s never stop having all this Fun

Until we reach that final Mile
All the while, we’ll Laugh&Smile

“Sweet Beauty” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 23 – 14Jul07
Oh Sweet Beauty
Your eyes reach my own
I stand shaking

With small steps
You move towards me
We stand embracing

Oh Sweet Beauty
This moment be my first
You love feels so real

With angelic wings
You carry me away
Leaving sorrows behind

I drop a tear
Holding your closer
Feeling welcome in your beauty

Let’s leave the world behind
Take me, take me
Your tender touch is all I need

“Darkened Sky” ~ai no poem~ DarTy 22 – 14Jun07
(Note: For this poem, I did something special. I went to Dara’s MyS page and typed this poem into her comments section *on the spot*. That’s right. This was my first “impromptu” poem, lol. I’m surprised it was any good at tall. She loved it!)

Dear My Love,
The rains came today and darkened the sky.
They stormed, ripping at the clouds and drowning the earth.

A gust of wind came and blew away all my dreams.
In that second, I was alone and scared.

Oh My Love,
I reached towards the darkened sky and shouted.
Will I ever see you again?

As the tears began to come I feel to my knees.
I was beaten and sorrowful, ready to let go.

I’m Sorry My Love,
I became weak with the darkened sky.
The pain only grew stronger with my sorrow.

Clutching my necklace, I wondered if it was finally my time.
To be alone was too much to bare.

But No My Love,
A light did come to me that night.
It was you and your glorious hand reaching out to me.

I reached out for you through my sorrows and pain.
I jumping falling into your arms babe.

Hold Me My Love,
Whisper softly into my ear all your sweet words.
What you tell me, will always become my truth.

Embracing my heart I knew I could stand again.
The storm may rage, but our Love will always be stronger.

My Sweet Love,
As long as your heart is calling out to mine,
I’ll never leave you side.

No, never will I fail knowing you are there…
Waiting for me to return once the darkened skies fade away…

O t h e r P o e m s
(mostly old and dusty)

“Smile, My Love” – Sent to Dara in a text msg via my phone. – 22Jun07
The World loves a Smile, but don’t Smile for them…
Smile for you and Smile for me.
~ Smile for LOVE ~
My Love…

“Many Dreams” ~a poem to Dara~ – 15May07
You know I’ve dreamed many Dreams…
Dreams of Love and Dreams of success…
Dreams of us and of us together in the future…
Dreams of Life beyond these walls…
Dreams of Happiness and Peacefulness…

You know I’ve dreamed many Dreams…
I’ve held you hand while the sunset…
I’ve keep you steady through tears…
I’ve stood with your through hard times…
I’ve bleed to keep you alive…

Yes, I have had many Dreams, My Love…
Many Dreams of you and us forever…
If not for this Distance…this sorrow…
Things would be like a Dream come true…
Because I would make these Dreams come True…

I would make them True for you and me, My Love.

Dara. My Love you you is not something to joke about.
I know you take me seriously, I only with you could hold Faith for yourself.
Someday is a day that grows closer with each rising moon.
Think of me as I dream of you, and never forget those dreams…

“This Distance” – 09May07
Each day I feel myself fade away a little…
It’s hard to hold onto this Distance.
This Distance that seems to grow more each day.
Is this what you meant, my Love…
When you said you Heart hurt?

“~The Hunger~” – 03Mar06
I’m Hungry
This Hunger will not go away
This chair will still be broken tomorrow
These legs can only carry me so far
So I push myself even harder
I want to go even farther than these legs can go!

And so I Hunger
I Hungry for a CHANCE
For a chance to grow
For a chance to change
For a chance to live

I am grateful for what I have
But it is not yet enough
Not enough to stop the Hunger
Not enough for my passionate soul!

I’m Hungry
This hunger will keep my alive
This guilt I feel is all my own
These hands can only do so much
So I push myself even harder
I want to do even more than these hands can do!

I’m Hungry
I’m Hungry for a LIFE
For a life far from here
For a life far from sadness
For a life far within my control

I am grateful for what I have
But it is not yet enough
Not enough to stop the Hunger
Not enough for my passionate heart!

My heart is full
My soul is eager
My plate is empty
This hunger I feel
I will make it go away!

Do you feel the Hunger?

“~The Crossroad~” – 20Feb06
“This is a time in my life where I am slowly reaching a crossroad.
Over the hill I can see my goal, my dream, my destination.
The road is long though, and will not be easy to travel.
Covered in a forest of challenges, and shrouded in fear.
I must keep walking, no, keep running towards the Sun.
It feels as if my day is almost done, so I must go.

Someday we will be ok. Someday far away. Someday.”

“YUI Poem” – 2006
(Note: By using bits and pieces Gin’s translated lyrics of YUI songs, and then rearranging the words, I was able to create this original poem.
It was an interesting experiment in writing poetry.)

I dreamed a world in my childhood.
I was born to make it come true.
I’m a baby, and I want to cry.
But if I have to take this pain
To make my dreams come true,
It’s not so bad…

If life itself is a battle,
Then I can only win or lose.
Even I get that.
No one has a second shot at life.

Instead of returning to my childhood,
I want to live on the right path today.
But I’ve always been a coward.

Everybody in Life is always searching
For that one precious thing.

Hey, all you people running about:
Have your dreams come true?
‘Cause I’m still struggling.

I want to see you, but you’re not here.

I encountered a crossroad when I started my journey.
The roads pass each other in a twisted way.
“Everybody should have their own tears,” I said.
“Each with their own different shapes.”

Sunlight streamed through the trees,
and I focused my eyes on it.
I saw the future, but it was too bright.
I hear it calling me.

I’ll go out to a sunny field and go over my plans.
But you and I both know there are some things we just can’t prevent.
I can change my life!

I’ve stopped looking for all the answers.
It’s okay to have some flaws.

Now I board the Last Train of the day,
I don’t want to come back here.

No, I won’t turn back again.
I’ll find the answers with my own hands.

I got tired of crying.
Life doesn’t hand out answers.
I might wander and stumble, but I can’t stop.

I want to live on the right path.
I just want to live on the right path.

I don’t want to trip over people’s words.
I don’t want to be a confused little kid.

I might be afraid of Tomorrow’s Way,
But Life is a one-way street.

As I ride the Last Train, I look out the window.

Those grey skyscrapers blocked the setting sun.
Even if I endure these tears today,
Won’t tomorrow’s cold morning just bring more doubt?

I don’t understand myself.

If only I could see you
Before tomorrow’s sunrise.
I feel the distance with you.

I can’t choose the right thing,
At least I know that much.

I want to see you so badly,
So I’ll keep riding this train until I do.

Let’s just believe…

I dreamed so many things as a child,
I was born to live up to them all.
I’m a baby, but I won’t cry or whine.
If I have to take a little pain
To make my dreams come true,
It’s not so bad at all…

“Like a Broken Chair” – 2006

Life like a broken chair
with broken legs
I will fall
But nothing in this world
is perfect after all.
Now I’ve come to far
to just give up and quit.
This road’s been tough,
I’m getting something out of it.

Life like a broken chair
No one there
Falling to the floor
Reaching out
Open door
I got to stand on my own feet today
I won’t give up!
I will find my way!

Life like a broken chair
I only take so much
Since my legs are weak
I can easily be crushed?
How much is too much?
You want to push me?
Try me! And then we’ll see!

Life like a broken chair
No one’s there
I’m all alone and
wishing I was home.
But I don’t have a home anymore.
I left that all behind
to start a new life of my own.

Tomorrow is another day
A new day to life
A new day full of challenges
I’m tired and struggling
but I must go on
I can’t just give up and go back home.
To a home that I don’t have.
I want a life of my own.
I want a life I can own.
and then I’ll show all those idiots
who told me to quit.
That I’d get nothing outta it.
Then I’ll show all those people sitting at home
those people who didn’t miss me while I was gone.

Life like a broken chair
I’m all alone
Got no place to call my own.
Just this place that’s far away from home.
I feel so gone, so numb
I’ll never be the same again.
I’ve changed to much
and become a new man.

Life like a broken chair
No one’s there
I’m all alone
with no place to call my home
and I’m struggling
Tumbling down this hill of lies.

I’m never gonna to stop
til I get what I want.
Never gonna quit.
Won’t give up of it.
I’ll keep walking, running,
climbing to the top.
Til my legs fall out, fall out,
fall out from underneath me!
Til my legs give out
and my heart gets weak.
I won’t stop, I can’t be weak
Can’t be beat
Not til I give up on myself
And I’ll never give up on myself

“Haiku” – 2005
Beautiful angel in flight
Tonight I will see
Our Heaven for the first time

“Mind of Ours” 04Oct05
We are the ever passionate heart.
We leave our mind behind.
We begin to slow down.
We someday find.

Love can only build a road so far.
Dreams only light part of our sky.
Hope can only keep us to life.
But without this we may die.

“Live Not of Darkness” -24Aug05
Black diamond-shaped demon
Sharp on every side
Mist that surrounds me
Darkness lets me die
Inside the man I am
Be not of Dark and heartless
But of Love and of Hope
Chains that bind my soul
Gripping me never letting go
I refuse to stay here
I step into the light
The light that has fallen upon me
Erases all the sorrow of my heart

“It’s You! (My Dara Ev’day)” – 06Aug05
(This is one of my first poems to Dara)

Do you want to know what’s on my mind?
Do you want to know what I think about all the time?
Well, I’ll try to say it in a rhyme! XD

It’s You!
You’re the only one I see.
You’re the only one I need.

And It’s You!
You’re where I want to be.
You’re every part of me.

And It’s True!
You’re all I need for now.
You’re all I want forever.
So let’s stick together.
You and me.

It’s You!
You’re the treasure of my heart.
You’re the light piercing the dark.

And It’s You!
You’re the Darangel of my soul.
You’re there with me through it all.

And It’s True!
You’re all I need for now.
You’re all I want forever.
So let’s stick together.
You and me.

And It’s You! My Love!
You’re my beautiful Muffin Girl!
You’re my every wish come true in this world!
You’re love is all I’ve ever dreamed of!
You’re My Dara Ev’day!

“The Way I Feel Inside” 27Jul05
Imprint these very words upon yourself…
I will follow my heart were ever it takes me…
It is taking me to you…
Only you can set me free…
Only you can send me away…
And know this…
I will never hide what’s true from you…
And in my heart I feel this way.

“Drowning” (my first song) – 19May05
No one can save us, from, this, flood.
No one out there can, save, our, blood.

Chorus 1
‘Cause we are slowly drowning, in, this, world.
This world of hatred, of darkness and madness.
Of sadness with no love.
This world that we have created all our own.

C 2
We are drowning- we’re going this way.
We are dieing- and soon we will pay.

Verse 1
Wasting away waiting for this to end.
This loneliness I feel, is my only friend.
Why do I feel I’m forsaken by death?
Why can’t this nest breath, be my last breath?

Pre C 1
Hold me now! I want to feel your embrace.
Some one now! Get me out of this place.

–Repeat C1 and C2–

Verse 2
Drifting away down this river of pain.
Won’dring if I’ll ever, see you again.
Will I return to the surface this time?
Will it be my next breath, ending this crime?

Pre C 2
Hold me now! I fear my time is running out.
Some one now! Tell me what this is all about.

–Repeat C1 and C2– (Add C3 to C2)

C 3
Pay for the tears. Pay for our Fears.
Pay for the anger. Pay for our doubts.

–Repeat Intro– (Add Outro to Intro)

We are too late.
This is our fate.

“One Day…”
(Possibly my oldest poem. Sent to my mom.)

I took a trip to a far away place
with no one to bother my play,

In a far away where I would stay
full of beauty every place I lay,

All around me the beauty I knew grew
into something wonderful and anew,

Like an ocean of golden glossy blue
it was close to the love I have for you…

** Put new music on PSP for workout!

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  • 1. Darawr  |  Wednesday, 24 September, 2008 at 1:40

    *BLUSHIES LIKE CRAZY* oh babe:”) I love these. I’m glad you posted these up. I’ll save the recent one you posted up. Hearing it on the phone was a plus. ^^ It made my heart race ;) You are so romantic! LOVE YOU! can’t wait to hear more from you. You’re my greatest poet! ^___^ I’m you’re biggest fan. :D

  • 2. Ty_Sylicus  |  Wednesday, 24 September, 2008 at 13:05

    :”> + dies. Um, thx. ^________________^ Well, I try!

  • 3. Darawr  |  Sunday, 19 October, 2008 at 2:36

    Awwww.. I love it! *cries* I miss you too handsome. *kissie* <3 thanks for being you always. Love you!

  • 4. darawr  |  Tuesday, 14 July, 2009 at 4:45

    HAPPY DARTY 47 ANNIVERSARY BABY. I appreciate and love every poem you’ve even me and it means a lot knowing you write these poem to me from the bottom of your heart. Thank you again for making each month special and enlightening me with your words of love. I cherish every bit of it. :)

  • 5. Ty_Sylicus  |  Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 at 13:18

    aw :”> you’re welcome babe


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