This page will answer some FAQs about my yearly music review projects. ;)

What is RUIDO >n< REVIEW?

Simply put: my thoughts and rankings on all the new music I had listened for the past year.

When do you post this and how long is it?

I (usually) start making ranking lists in mid December through early January. Once these lists are completed, I then begin building and posting them.

As I only post one list a day, and most lists feature the “of the Year” (1st place winner) in their OWN post, it takes all January long to finish posting them all!

But this single/album isn’t from last year! :o

Oh I know. lol. To understand my yearly project, you need to understand how I form this yearly list of new music to begin with!

Each month I listen to lots of music from Japan, Korea, America, and elsewhere, which is NEW to me at the time (even if it’s actually very OLD to the rest of the world! eg: FictionJunction YUUKA).

I then record a list for each MONTH and call it: RUIDO NUEVO, or “new noise”. The Spanish word “ruido” was used in a YUI song by that same title on  CAN’T BUY MY LOVE, her second studio album.

So where’s this list?

Well, it’s on a notepad doc I keep on my PC. I used to post it up monthly, but then quit. Now I will post it up here in a sub-page for those curious enough.

What’s up with the awards for A-sides and B-sides? How is that different from the Singles awards?

This seems confusing at first but, it’s also simple. Although I post the awards for Singles afterwards, I actually create that ranking list first. THEN, I pick out A-sides that I really love from Singles that are NOT on the yearly ranking list.

There are tons of good Singles that ONLY have great A-sides on them. To be ranked on my Singles of the Year list, I have to enjoy MULTIPLE tracks on that same single, NOT just the A-side!

B-sides are different in the fact that, they CAN be from a Single on the yearly ranking list. This just seems fair.

What about remixes?

Remixes is a special category, as a remix can come from nearly anywhere, and still count.

The following sources I will consider: Remixes on a Singles (though not excluded, I rarely pick Orchestral or Acoustic versions),  Album versions, Fan-made remixes (if a fan can create a remix that rivals that of a professional remixer, then they deserve the credit!), and even Mash-ups.
I will not consider: Instrumentals, Live versions, Alternate Language versions, songs featuring Different Vocalists from the original version, Spoofs or an original version / cover songs, or Mixes than contain a string of songs (such as playing pieces of each song from an entire album/single back-to-back on one track).

What is the “Other” category?

My main focus when reviewing in on Japanese and Korean music, simply because the majority of all music I listen to throughout the year is from these two countries (judge me if you will).

I do however, live in America and understand only English. There are a handful or English-singing artists that I know and love. I also listen to the radio, though I do not “follow”  the American-Pop scene.
The “Other” category covers ALL artists and music that is sang in the English language, regardless of the artist’s country of origin, but EXCLUDES all Asian artists that would normally fall under the categories of “Japan” or “Korea”.

I know, it sounds like a fuzzy area. Let’s just say that I try to focus on non-Asian Pop artists for a change. lol


I hope this answers most of your questions.

Feel free to post any of your other questions and comments below and I’ll replay back! ;)


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