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Friday, 14 November, 2008 at 18:43 4 comments

~ UPdates ~

DarTy Marriage!!! | 06Apr12

*** Milestone reached: 200 GAMES COMPLETED !! | 02Oct10

NEW Banner! “b/c if u don’t…” | 06Oct09

Added my Amazon Wish List – Now ev’one knows what to get me! ;) | 30Jul09

Friday, 14 November, 2008 at 14:47 7 comments

“太陽 (Taiyō)” *DarTy 100* – 14Dec13


I’m not sure I’m strong enough
All I can do is act tough
To live my life in your light
I won’t give up without a fight

I’ll kiss you a hundred times
Then kiss you a hundred more
I know I’ve changed for the better
Your sparkling beauty in my world

You’re my beautiful Taiyō
Never want to let you go
Can’t escape your gravity
Always have you near me

Let me be the one you love
Revolve around you like The Sun
Shining down upon my heart
Never let this fall apart

It’s hard to blink when you’re there
There’s so much that you want to share
You’re a blessing to all that you touch
I hope you know how I love you so much

Blinding my eyes with just one wink
You’re just so crazy cute, I think
I want to fly closer to your glow
Melt my heart like cold Winter snow

You’re my beautiful Taiyō
Never want to let you go
Can’t escape your gravity
Always have you near me

Let me be the one you love
Revolve around you like The Sun
Shining down upon my heart
Never let this fall apart

A hundred kisses for you today
A hundred kisses more tomorrow
I’ll kiss every tear that falls
Let’s spare no time for sorrow

You’re my radiant Taiyō
Always want you to know
You drown out all that’s blue
There is no warmth without you

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It says the 18th

I’m sad that Pokemon Conquest is late making it to AK, though I should have known.

Here’s hoping I see it as work tmrw morning!

Monday, 18 June, 2012 at 13:45 Leave a comment

Ian vs. GothiNiclus

Battled Ian a few times after work today using my new GothiNiclus build. The deck seems to lack consistency when setting up. It may need more energy / recovery as it tends to crash during long games (I lost a game with a sizable lead b/c I was unable to get a single energy out to attack!)

Gothitelle’s greatest weakness is it’s low 130HP. Also, that 2 retreat is a bother.

I’m not sure how to fix it.

Tuesday, 12 June, 2012 at 21:54 Leave a comment


Watching Season 5 of Friends with Dara. She loves to watch multiple episodes back-to-back. It won’t take long to finish it this way! What a great show!

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Viva La Vida and The Last Story

Found some great deals as Tidal Wave:
Coldplay vol 4 – Viva La Vida or The Death of His Friends = 6$
Afro Samurai = 3$
Both are in great condition! Afro is missing the outside sleeve though.

I was on Amazon today and learned that The Last Story for Wii is releasing July 31st! WOW SO SOON! I need to work extra hard to finish Dragon Quest by then!!

Monday, 11 June, 2012 at 16:09 Leave a comment



Various DS games. Nearly have all the hidden Star Coins in New Super Mario Bros. and Medals in Kirby’s MassAttack.
Been working on Dragon Quest VIII for PS2 but, haven’t been playing it much due to spending a lot time with Pokemon cards.


Just finished the original animated series of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on DVD (thanks to Ian for lending!). It was an excellent series, though so short! Now I’m looking forward to watching the CG series. :)


My recent Beartic / Vileplume / Serperior / Dodrio build was a huge bust. I only beat Vin’s Donphan / Lucario deck b/c of his weakness to Water, heavy retreat, and Lucrio’s small 100HP. All of Ian’s decks destroyed me. -_-
I’m taking the deck apart and using the cards to build a Gothitelle / Reniculus / Mewtwo EX. :)


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Posting again + Pokemon talk

So I think I’ve been inactive with this blog for about a year, save for posting the monthly DarTy Poem and sporadically updating the VG page. What can I say, facebook killed my blog.

Well, I’ve decided to return but, only to post small outlines of what I’ve been up to. Why? Well, mostly b/c I think it’ll be fun. :) I don’t really care if anyone reads it but, since I’m very inactive on fb as well, I’ll turn on the fb publish option.

I’ll be doing quick posts about what I’ve watching, what games I’m playing, and various Pokemon TCG stuff.

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